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Jolt Racing Team

Founded in 2022, Jolt Racing compete in both the GT Cup Championship and the Ligier European Series. The team’s roots originate from it’s founder’s (John ingram) established motor racing heritage, having successfully competed at international level with highlights in Formula 3 and the Le Mans Endurance Series.


About Jolt Racing 

Founded in 2022, Jolt Racing are an international racing outfit, and boast successful results in multiple competitive championships, currently racing in the GT Cup and Ligier European Series. Jolt Racing was formed to build on that heritage and compete in blue-riband motor racing events with a focus on endurance and sports car racing. The team brings a level of professionalism that is essential for a successful motor racing team, combined with the passion and enthusiasm required to succeed. Find out more about the teams drivers and series below:


GT Cup Championship

Founded in 2007, the GT Cup is an established part of the UK motorsport scene and continues to grow in stature and popularity.


This season Jolt Racing compete in the GTA class, piloting a McLaren 570s GT4. Its drivers John Ingram and Rupert Williams have already landed on the top step of the podium in their class, and look to further progress through the field throughout the year. 

Ligier European Series

Ligier Automotive & the European Le Mans Series launched in 2020 the Ligier European Series, a brand-new single-make series dedicated to its latest cars, the Ligier JS P4.

This year the car will be driven by Thomas Jack lee, a young, race winning British driver who looks to climb his way up the endurance racing ladder.


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