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‘100 Days to Indy’ and the influence on new fans

Written by Maria Rodriguez, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri 

Image Credit: Chris Jones

Last year, it was announced that NTT IndyCar would be partnering with The CW and Vice to release a special docu-series called ‘100 Days to Indy. This series would give the viewers an inside look into the drivers, and their final 100 days of preparation for the coveted Indianapolis 500. 

The Indianapolis 500, better known as the Indy 500, is one of the biggest races, not just in IndyCar but for the world of motorsports. The Indy 500 has been around since 1911, a historic race with a winner determined after 200 laps. 

Winning the Indy 500 means everything for these drivers. It creates a name for the drivers as a winner. Besides the championship, it is the one race all the drivers are fighting to win.

Newgarden celebrating his win at the 107th Indianapolis 500; Credit: Paul Hurley

This is what the series ‘100 Day to Indy,’ hopes to show. Although the main focus of the show is the Indianapolis 500, the races before the showpiece event are just as important to winning the championship. Viewers get an inside look into the races and how they tackle each race weekend. 

It is no secret that when it comes to winning in IndyCar, the top teams are Chip Ganassi and Andretti. This is an aspect highlighted throughout the series. However, the rivalry between the teams is maintained lighthearted, but just because we see the drivers joking around with each other does not mean they will not fight. 

They all have the same goal in mind winning the championship and the 500. They are determined to win and have competitiveness and do not want to settle. 

Although we see their determination to continually push themselves, it comes with harsh costs. The realities of being a race car driver are hard, including the mental challenges they go through or the disappointment of losing a race and even crashing out of the 500. 

These aspects show the human side of motorsports, it shows how much goes into becoming a victorious driver and team. The team owners also get the chance to talk about what it took them to get to where they are in IndyCar. 

As well as the strategies undertaken during the race, team radios are presented in the series when showing the racing action.

The series also takes the approach to show how some of the drivers fell in love with the sport, and their path to reach the series today. Ranging from the support of family members or for some of them, they have dreamt of motorsports since their birth. 

The endless support from their families and fans alike creates the alluring atmosphere of IndyCar. Through the show, you can see the enthusiasm of the fans who attend not just the Indy 500 but the races throughout the season. 

Although the Indy 500 sees hundreds of thousands of spectators at the track and many more viewers at home. There is hope for global viewership for the entire IndyCar series. With the global coverage for the Indy 500 and streaming services for the IndyCar series, there is hope for a wider viewership.

This is the main goal of ‘100 Days to Indy,’ where the series creates this intrigue of what IndyCar consists of, influencing new viewers. It is known that IndyCar does not have the same viewership as other racing series, but this is the perfect introduction for someone looking to learn about the series. 

The different drivers feature alongside their teams and personalities, there are many options on who someone may choose to support. However, just remember that with friendly rivalry, they all share the same goal of winning and they will not shy away from that, solidifying the competitiveness that is in IndyCar.

The influence of streaming series has taken the world of motorsports by storm. With the very popular ‘Drive to Survive’ following Formula 1 around, and NASCAR’s ‘Full Speed,’ both on Netflix. This could be the path to IndyCar’s rising popularity across the world. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch ‘100 Days to Indy,’ there are two major streaming platforms you can catch this on. Paramount+ offers the series globally on their platform, and the series can be streamed on Netflix and the CW App in the United States. 

The new season hopes to introduce IndyCar and the Indy 500, and premiered on The CW on April 26th. Season 2 focuses on the countdown to the 108th Indianapolis 500, taking place on May 26th this year. 


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