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“Absolutely Possible for Bez to Win Championship” - VR46 Team Principal, Alessio Salucci Interview

Conducted and Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Credit: Hazrin Yeob

Marco Bezzecchi put on an absolutely spectacular performance at the Sprint Race for the British Grand Prix 2023, picking up an important nine points and finishing second on the road, despite the difficult conditions which many other Ducati riders seemingly struggled with. Bezzecchi is also going to be on pole position for the main Grand Prix as well, Whilst his main championship rival and contender Francesco Bagnaia failed to score points in the Sprint, and will be starting from P4 on the grid for the Grand Prix.

I caught up with the VR46 Team Principal and Founder Valentino Rossi’s best friend since childhood, Alessio Salucci, to discuss Bezzecchi’s sprint performance, and his championship hopes. This is Bezzecchi’s second full season in MotoGP, and he has already picked up a number of podiums and wins in a relatively short stint at the team.

Owen: So, Marco Bezzecchi finished in P2 today after starting on pole position. Where do you think these little improvements can be made so that tomorrow for example, you get P1?

Alessio Salucci: Today, ah yes. For sure, maybe today Bezzecchi started to think about the overall championship and not to cost the championship. Today the conditions were very dangerous, very easy to make a mistake. But, he’s happy, he’s okay to take the second position. Of course, for the championship, and for the race tomorrow because of course you prepare for the main race, with the sprint race. If you make a mistake, even a small mistake, then it is difficult to go fast for the main race tomorrow.

Credit: Clive Mason

Owen: And Bezzecchi is now just 27 points away from Bagnaia in the championship, a big recovery. Is there a possibility, now ten races into the championship, and also ten sprint races too, is there a possibility for Bezzecchi to win the championship?

Alessio Salucci: Ah for sure, absolutely, it is possible for Bezzecchi to win the championship, because we are very close to the championship lead, and can beat Bagnaia, like today in the sprint. And for sure we give our one hundred percent and we’ll see what happens there. Ciao, Grazie!

And there you have it, the VR46 Team Principal has revealed that he believes Marco Bezzecchi can absolutely win the championship, and even beat the reigning world champion, Francesco Bagnaia. As we have returned from the summer break, many riders are looking forward to showing what they can do, and build momentum for the rest of this season.

What do you think? Do you agree with the VR46 Team Principal, that Bezzecchi can absolutely win the championship in 2023? Or is somebody else going to take the 2023 championship crown? Let us know in the comments below!

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