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Adrian Newey "Expects to stay in F1" after Red Bull departure

Written by Owen Bradley

Following the announcement earlier in the month that Adrian Newey would be leaving Red Bull Racing after just under two decades with the team, Newey has revealed that he does expect to stay in Formula One beyond his contract with Red Bull, and will likely join another team.

During an interview published on YouTube by "Oyster Yachts" Newey revealed that he was: "Seriously considering changing teams, going somewhere else and doing another four or five years." This interview and these quotes have released at a time when Adrian Newey has been speculated to be joining the Scuderia Ferrari in the near future.

"I feel a little bit tired at the moment, but at some point I'll probably go again." Newey said. After a long stint at Red Bull, initially calling for a step back from the team in around 2015, before going on to design more cars for Red Bull, and take three driver's championships and two further constructors championships.

Newey also revealed that what drives him, is his father's story and retirement. "If I'm honest, it's slightly emotional to say it - but he kind of lost his way a bit in his retirement, I thought he would be very happy to continue to tinker around on cars, and he just lost his mojo a bit.

A combination of that, and also two people that I respect the most, Bernie {Eccelstone} and Roger Penske, I asked them both, what's your secret? because they have kept going and going, and for their age they are phenomenally agile and mentally agile. They both said a similar thing, that the brain is like a muscle and needs exercising."

Newey has had a remarkable career in Formula One and in motorsport as a whole - working with legendary teams such as Red Bull, McLaren and Williams.

"I love what I do, so at some point I guess I'll have a bit of a holiday, but at some point I will probably go again." Said Newey, who has already won 25 combined World Championships across his long career dating back to the 1990's.

"I know that I would miss it, if I wasn't doing it. And this goes back to the beginning, should I go again? or should I enjoy my Oyster {Yacht} and sail off into the sunset?"

Speaking on the press release and also Lewis Hamilton's comments that Newey would be "An amazing addition" to Ferrari and would "Absolutely be at the top" of his wish list. Newey said: "It does make me feel good I have to admit, although the press release came on a very unfortunate day, the first of May which was the 30th anniversary of the horrible events of Imola."

Reflecting on his time at Red Bull and the journey that himself and the team have been on, Newey said: "To walk away from that, was a very hard decision. But it is a decision I felt I needed to make for a whole host of reasons, but it was a difficult decision because they have been my family. I felt a degree of responsibility, and the team is now very mature and well organised, which gives me the opportunity to walk away and look at new challenges and let the team fly."

Currently, rumours are circulating that Newey will be joining Ferrari at some point after leaving Red Bull in the first quarter of 2025. However, despite Ferrari seemingly appearing as the most popular option, both Aston Martin and a return to McLaren have also been rumoured, with many team principals likely vying to get Adrian Newey on board. Newey also designed the Aston Martin Valkyrie, laying the foundations for Aston Martin's Valkyrie project in the World Endurance Championship for 2025.

Newey has had a long and incredibly successful career in Formula One, and also had a brief stint with IndyCar. Perhaps an involvement in the World Endurance Championship would suit the legendary designer, as the WEC race eight times a season, rather than the 20+ race calendar of Formula One, which is continuing to add extra rounds in the championship.

The full interview with Adrian Newey can be watched for free on YouTube at "Oyster Yachts" YouTube channel.


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