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Alex Lynn ‘well’ after shock Formula E accident

Alex Lynn is said to be ‘well’ after he became the subject of the headlines immediately after he was involved in a crash during the Formula E race in Diriyah on Saturday February 27. A video of a horror accident surfaced below:

فيديو حصري للحظة وقوع الحادث المروع وإنقلاب سيارة فريق ماهيندرا الذي تسبب في إيقاف السباق الثاني. السائق خرج بسلام. #فورمولا_إي_الدرعية #DiriyahEPrix — سعودي شفت (@SaudiShift) February 27, 2021

Written By Sam Stewart, Edited By Daniel Yi

On Sunday morning, Formula E posted a video of the accident, showing Alex Lynn seemingly going for an overtaking maneuver and running out of space, striking Evans and sending his Mahindra airborne and into the concrete base of the catch fence. Lynn’s Mahindra was pitched vertically upwards and landed on its roof, skidding upside down at high speed towards the runoff at turn 18 before finally hitting the barrier. Mitch Evans, despite having no damage, in an act that should be remembered as a fantastic chivalrous moment in the sport, sportingly chose to abandon his race and immediately rushed to Lynn’s aid.

This accident was the second major accident that occurred during the event, with Mortara having a brake failure going into turn 1 whilst doing a practice start during the morning practice session.

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