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Alpha Tauri launch the AT03!

Written by Aiden Hover, Edited by Scar Stewart

Leave it to Alpha Tauri to treat us all to a magnificent car launch this valentines day. Unveiled from their Faeinza-based factory, the magnificent AT03, featuring a striking blue and white livery, will hopefully award the team victory in style. Alpha Tauri enjoyed their most successful season to date in 2021 and will be hoping for even more this year having narrowly missed out on 5th in the constructors to Alpine.

Driven by hotshot Yuki Tsunoda and Frenchman Pierre Gasly, the AT03 serves as Alpha Tauri’s first attempt at the 2022 regulation overhaul as well as the team’s first year with the freshly launched RedBull Powertrains. Whilst initially simply appearing as rebranded Honda engines, RedBull Powertrains marks a significant development for RedBull as a racing brand with both the junior team Alpha Tauri and the senior team running the power units from 2022 - a substantial test for all involved as they eagerly wait to see how RedBull fairs as an engine supplier.

Pierre Gasly enjoyed a very successful 2021 campaign with many considering him to be the driver of the year consistently outperforming his machinery and putting himself into a position to capitalise when the big teams ahead trip up - such as in Baku when he was perfectly placed to take a podium finish after Hamilton and Verstappen both experience issues ahead. Its safe to say Pierre will be under a lot of pressure this year as he aims to prove 2021 was not a one-off and that he is a serious contender for a championship drive in the future.

Meanwhile, Yuki Tsunoda will be aiming to start 2022 as he finished 2021 with exciting qualifying performances and steady races leading to a healthy influx of points. Last season, Tsunoda showed substantial growth developing from a clumsy driver with an attitude problem to an exciting future star with seemingly endless talent.

Either way, 2022 will be an exciting year for fans of Alpha Tauri and we will get our first taste of the team's performance in just over a week for the first test in Spain!

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