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An Interview With Bink Design

Interviewed and Written by Tom Evans, Edited by Sasha Macmillen

Bink Design is an extremely talented graphic designer, who has worked with the likes of MP Motorsport and Richard Verschoor. I sat down with him for a quick interview last week.

TE: How did you first get into Graphic design?

BD: I first started back when I was around 12/13 years old. I was making some videos for fun on YouTube with some mates of mine because, who wasn’t at that age back in the days haha. We needed some designs for that, think of banners, logos and thumbnails etc… Of course we couldn’t pay designers to make them for us, so I figured I would just design them myself, very badly of course haha. I never stopped designing after that to be fair, things started to grow and grow every year and I just learned all the Adobe programs by trial and error.

TE: Were you into motorsports before you started graphic design, or did your passion for racing emerge afterwards?

BD: Very much yes! I have watched Formula 1 for as long as I can remember. Started watching because of my dad, seeing Vettel and Fernando, Kimi and Lewis battle it out for the title as a little kid on the TV. I always had the passion for cars in general I think. That started very early in my life. A real petrolhead you could say, haha.

TE: You've worked with some pretty big names, and teams. What was it like the first time you were told that you'd be designing for them?

BD: Honestly, It doesn’t really matter to me if the designs are for big drivers or teams. I think I'm really down to earth in that way. Of course it’s very special, for example - to see my designs in Formula 2 or Formula 3, but it's very cool in general if you make a design on your computer and suddenly it's a real thing, in real life.

TE: Do you have a personal favourite livery of yours?

BD: Got to say I’m still a massive fan of the MP Motorsport F2 livery of last year, the blue one. It looked very fresh on track! We did a funny trick to invert the colours of their orange livery so it would become blue and white. Which was, obviously, for a sponsor related project. I’m glad they are back in orange again for this season though!

TE: We see many people say that concept liveries are always better than the actual thing. Could you explain why creating an actual one requires much more skill and attention to detail?

BD: I won’t say creating real liveries requires more skill than creating concept ones. Every livery designer, and the designers who are doing concepts, are very skilled in their job. But yes - for sure, for real liveries, we are often a bit limited in what we can do in terms of design. You can think of everything, sponsor logos, team colours, team ideas and much much more that can make you have a very hard time to make a good looking, but also practical design for a race car or even a helmet design.

TE: Are you aiming to one day design liveries for Formula one teams/drivers? And what's your favourite livery on the F1 grid this year?

BD: Of course! If I had the chance to design for a Formula 1 team or driver, I would definitely take it. But it’s not necessarily my goal though. Just make every team and driver look good on track in any category. My favourite livery this year in F1 is the Ferrari or Alfa Romeo. It’s very retro and I love that! Simple but elegant. I always try to carry that style over in my own designs.

TE: Finally, do you have a driver in mind that you'd love to work with and why?

BD: Honestly I don't really know who! It would be mega of course to work with legends of the sport like Lewis, Fernando etc… but I think I would choose Seb. Seems like a very nice and honest guy, and also likes retro designs, haha! But! I did the design for Alonso’s drivers school in Formula Regional by Alpine, so maybe that counts, a bit!

Thank you so much to Bink Design for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish him all the best for the future.


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