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Arrow McLaren to Obtain Andretti Indianapolis Headquarters in 2025

Written by Hugh Waring, Edited by Sean McKean

Arrow McLaren IndyCar Team has announced its plans to acquire Andretti Autosport's Indianapolis headquarters in 2025, signalling a significant step forward for the team's expansion and growth. The new facility, spanning an impressive 89,000 square feet, offers almost triple the space compared to the team's current location.

Since the 2022 Indycar season, Arrow McLaren has been on a remarkable trajectory, expanding its operations from two to three full-time race cars, with the aspiration of adding a fourth. Additionally, the team has experienced a surge in employee headcount, a staggering increase of nearly 150%. As a result, the team requires a larger facility that can accommodate its growing needs.

The new headquarters will provide Arrow McLaren with spacious office and workshop areas as well as enhanced logistics and transport spaces. This expanded capacity will enable the team to continue investing in cutting-edge equipment that drives on-track performance. Furthermore, the acquisition of the Andretti Autosport facility will consolidate the team's existing off-site locations, streamlining its operations.

Among the notable features of the new headquarters is an on-site gym, which aligns with Arrow McLaren's commitment to promoting the physical and mental well-being of its team members. The inclusion of this facility highlights the team's dedication to supporting its staff in achieving optimal performance both on and off the track.

Initially, Arrow McLaren had announced plans for the construction of a new team facility. However, the opportunity to acquire the Andretti Autosport headquarters presented itself as a favourable alternative, with the move expected to be completed by 2025. This opportune timing allows the team to transition seamlessly into a purpose-built location, providing the necessary space and capacity for future growth.

Credit: NTT IndyCar Series

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing, said, “I’m excited for the team to have a new home – one that has plenty of space and is fit for purpose as we compete for wins and championships. Arrow McLaren has had quick growth over the past year, and this facility not only gives the team the space they need today but what we envision our growth to be in North America in the years to come.”

Gavin Ward, Racing Director, Arrow McLaren, said, “The team is ready for additional workspace, and we’ve done an incredible job growth within our means while being extremely competitive in the IndyCar Series. We have a lot to look forward to with this new facility.”

As Arrow McLaren IndyCar Team prepares to acquire Andretti Autosport's Indianapolis headquarters, the stage is set for a new chapter in the team's history. The expanded facility will not only facilitate their ongoing pursuit of victories and championships but also provide a solid foundation for their ambitious plans for growth in North America in the coming years.


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