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Aston Martin launch livery for their 2021 Challenger

Aston Martin has finally unveiled their 2021 challenger.

Written By DJ Byrne and Aiden Hover , Edited By Ishaan More and Justin Tan

It has been one of the most anticipated and hyped livery launches in recent history with the amount of fan-fare around the project becoming surreal. This season will mark the start of Aston Martin’s first F1 campaign in sixty years as they return to Formula 1 as a constructor, having taken over the Silverstone-based Racing Point F1 team. The new British racing green livery looks amazing with the pink BWT accents partnered with the contrasting white sponsors. The team has recently also purchased many upgrades to their facilities that are to be finished during this season in preparation for 2022.

The return of Aston Martin this year is a big step towards convincing more manufacturers and works teams to join Formula 1. This is a goal of which the FIA and Formula 1 have been pushing towards for some time now.

In 2020, Lawrence Stroll led a consortium of investors to buy a majority stake (16.7%) in Aston Martin (Sports/Luxury Car manufacturer based in the UK). This has allowed him to bring the manufacturer into Formula 1 through a takeover of Racing Point, another entity that Stroll’s consortium also has invested in greatly.

Along with bringing Aston Martin back into Formula 1, Stroll has brought in four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel into the team to partner his son, Lance Stroll. Sebastian has shown that he has a lot of hope in the project and is hoping for a new lease of life with Aston Martin. The pairing of Vettel and Stroll will be interesting, to say the least. Stroll is expected to learn a great deal alongside his much more experienced teammate and will hope that this reflects onto his on-track performances. Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, will use his fresh start at the Silverstone-based team to prove to the world that he never lost the incredible spark that we all saw in him during his four world championships at Redbull. Lawrence Stroll has also secured the team several well-known sponsors, including their new title sponsor, Cognizant, having reduced BWT to a secondary position in the team shown by the subtle pink accents on the front wing and side pods .

Last year’s Racing Point proved to be incredibly quick on track (regardless of their controversial development methods) and with mostly stagnant regulation changes moving into 2021, Aston Martin will be expected to continue their promising upwards trend towards the front. However, we must wait and see to find out if they will succeed with their ambitious goals.


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