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BMW - Why Don't They Race More?

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Alexandra Campos

BMW - a brand that is globally so well known. They’re in films for product placement, they’re sponsoring the MotoGP, the safety car in MotoGP is a BMW, and more. But why don’t they compete in more categories of Motorsport?

BMW has previously competed in F1, but decided to pull out after 2009, leaving the Sauber F1 team after some mixed results. Before that, they had sponsored the Williams Team, again, with some mixed success. BMW overall have 20 wins in F1 with both the Williams Team and Sauber.

However, when we also got news in 2021 that BMW would be pulling out of Formula E, it raised a few eyebrows, mainly because that left them only racing in a select few series; like World Superbikes, British Superbikes, BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), World Endurance, and a few other series.

So, why don’t BMW want to compete in more Motorsport? They are clearly quite talented, having won six Manufacturers’ Championships in a row, in the BTCC. BMW also has 13 Wins in the World Superbikes, over the last nine years.

They also were fairly successful in Formula E, winning multiple races and achieving many podiums during their few years in the sport.

So, whilst they are semi-successful, and a huge brand to have in Motorsport, why on earth would they leave these sports?

Sadly, the answer is simple. Racing does not fit BMW’s long term goal. Which is a shame, because as racing goes, they left Formula E because they believed they had “exhausted the opportunities for that form of technology transfer in the competitive environment of Formula E.

Their F1 team at the time also wasn’t happy with the financial crisis at the time, and also found it frustrating that there was a limit on regulations for the cars.

Well, sadly it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing BMW in any main categories of Motorsport, which is a shame.

But what do you think? Should BMW enter more categories of Motorsport? Or is everything fine with how it is?

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