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Brazilian F4 Announces Drive to Survive-Inspired Documentary Series

BRB Formula 4 Brazil announces documentary series: Future 1.

Credit: BRB Formula 4 Brazil

BRB Formula 4 Brazil have announced a new documentary series named 'Future 1', which will showcase previously unseen footage from the inaugural season of the championship and give viewers backstage access to the competition.

"The project for this documentary is another element that consolidates our Formula 4, which is a school category, as a championship with a fully professional and high-level profile. There is no other F4 in the world that has a series like this. It is another pioneering spirit that we implemented,” said Fernando Julianelli.

“The inspiration for the project came from 'Drive to Survive', a documentary that boosted the growth of Formula 1 – a category that is precisely the dream of young people who are currently in Formula 4,” he added.

The Brazilian Formula 4 grid mainly consists of drivers in their teens, between 15 and 17 years old, who are “faced with the glories and frustrations that motorsport imposes from an early age.”

Inspired by the popular Netflix series 'Drive to Survive' which gave Formula 1 fans an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the world of motorsport, the director of 'Future 1', Guilbert Hidaka, was keen to capture the same intensity and drama.

Working as director for the series, Hidaka was impressed by the maturity that the sport provokes in pilots, even in teenagers. “You see, over the course of the series and the year that we stayed with them, how they learn to deal with situations, how to speak to the public, how they develop quickly. It was a very nice surprise to see what sport does to the person, regardless of whether the driver will be champion or not, whether or not he will reach Formula 1. What remains of a legacy for the faculty of life is impressive,” he highlighted.

For Hidaka, packing all the documentary content within a sport like motorsport was a unique challenge. He commented: "Packing all this documentary and this content within a sport like motorsport is, for me, super sexy and super easy to do because the whole plot is within one show. The cars themselves are works of art; the context of the event is sensational. So it makes it so much easier to tell a story that has beautiful packaging, that is beautiful to look at and that audiences are so passionate about."

The work, which took over a year to produce, consists of seven episodes and has a total running time of approximately four hours and 20 minutes.


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