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Breaking Barriers: Bianca Bustamante Joins McLaren’s Driver Development Programme

Written by Michela Martielli, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Bianca Bustamante, the newest sighting at McLaren; Image Credit: McLaren

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of motorsports, where talent and determination reign supreme, one Filipino is making waves: Bianca Bustamante. Aged 18, this budding racing prodigy has recently etched her name into the annals of Formula 1 history, becoming the first female racer to join the prestigious McLaren driver development programme.

As part of this new announcement, Bustamante will also be representing McLaren on the 2024 F1 Academy grid, and run their papaya orange livery, also switching from Prema Racing to ART Grand Prix. This significant milestone marks a crucial step forward in Bustamante’s young racing career, propelling the 18 year-old towards her ultimate dream of becoming a successful F1 driver.

The Road To Success: Why McLaren?

“I’m not gonna lie, I am a fangirl” says Bustamante, “and I think that’s why I learned to be grateful for a lot of things, because I was once just you know, literally fangirling, just looking up to all these people, watching them on TV. I wasn’t expecting to wear the T-shirt or be a part of the team, but I am now, so it kind of makes everything just unimaginable”.

Bianca Bustamante's decision to join the McLaren driver development program is rooted in her desire to take her racing career to the next level. McLaren, a team synonymous with excellence and achievement in Formula 1, provides the perfect environment for a young and ambitious driver of Bustamante’s calibre to flourish. The allure of McLaren lies in its track record of success, innovative approach to racing technology, and its commitment to nurturing young talent. The development program offers access to the team’s state-of-the-art facilities in Woking, the UK, expert guidance, and vital exposure to the competitive world of Formula 1. These factors were likely influential in Bianca's decision, as they presented her with a rare opportunity to enhance her driving skills, and gain invaluable experience along her path to professional racing.

Image Credit: McLaren

The Impact on Bianca’s Career and Driving Skills

Being a part of the McLaren driver development program will undoubtedly elevate Bianca Bustamante's driving capabilities and racing acumen. The program, managed by Emanuele Pirro, is meticulously designed to provide emerging talents with the tools and knowledge required to excel at the highest level of motorsport.

The biggest plus of this signing will see Bustamante receive personalised training and coaching from experienced professionals. This tailored guidance will help fine-tune her driving techniques, enhance her understanding of racing dynamics, and optimise her performance on the track.

Adding on, the exposure to cutting-edge technology and methodologies utilised by McLaren in Formula 1 will significantly augment Bianca's technical knowledge and racing skills. She will gain insights into the intricacies of car setup, aerodynamics, and race strategy, empowering her to make informed decisions on the track.

Lastly, the opportunity to compete and represent McLaren in the F1 Academy season will expose Bianca to a higher level of competition. Racing alongside other skilled drivers will challenge her, and provide a platform to showcase her talent on an international stage, further boosting her confidence, and honing her racing skills.

A plus would also see Bustamante joins an elite list of drivers, some with championships across the world of motorsport: Arrow McLaren IndyCar racer Pato O’Ward, 2023 Formula 3 champion Gabriel Bortoleto, Toyota Hypercar racer Ryo Hirakawa, five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro, and young American racer Ugo Ugochukwu. The programme also signed Italian Formula 4 driver Brando Badoer, son of former Formula One racer Luca Badoer, on a one-year contract.

This exposure to an academy with plenty of established names across motor racing will help a youngster of Bustamante’s calibre gain a wealth of precious experience, only boosting her racing prospects further.


Bianca Bustamante's journey with McLaren's driver development program marks a significant leap forward in her racing career. The McLaren connection offers her unparalleled opportunities to grow as a driver, access top-notch resources, and compete at a level that will push her to her limits.

This is also a big win for McLaren, who make their first foray into a female racing series, and have locked down one spot on the 2024 F1 Academy grid. According to the regulations for next season, each Formula One team must sponsor one racer on the grid, representing a total of ten seats on the grid, one for each Formula One team. And McLaren have fulfilled this by locking in one of the finest talents, in Bustamante.

The 18-year old becomes only the second F1 Academy racer to be sponsored by a Formula One team, with current ART racer Léna Bühler already sponsored by the Alfa Romeo Sauber outfit, sporting the Swiss team’s colours and overalls throughout the season.

As Bustamante prepares to represent McLaren in the upcoming F1 Academy season, the motorsport world eagerly awaits the promising performances that will undoubtedly shape her path toward becoming a future Formula 1 star.


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