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McLaren has just announced the signing of a new up-and-coming star to be part of their driver academy. The 13-year-old American has proven to McLaren that he has talent and skill and is worth their investment. Ugo Ugochukwu has already secured 7 titles throughout his young career in the United States and in Europe, most recently, he won the 2020 FIA OKJ European Championship.  

Written by Ishaan More, Edited By Aiden Hover

The agreement is said to provide McLaren with an option on Ugo’s services in the future, while supporting his development throughout his junior career in motorsport.

The CEO of McLaren racing, Zak Brown, has commented, “We’ve been watching Ugo’s progress with interest, so when the opportunity to sign an agreement with him became available, we had no hesitation moving on it. Now we’ll focus on giving Ugo the right support when he needs it to help him fulfil his potential.”

It will remain to be seen if Ugo has the talent required to allow McLaren to carry him through to the pinnacle of motorsport, but we at DIVEBOMB will be following with keen eyes.

Ugo Ugochukwu winning the European junior karting championship: Credit (@Coalcityconnect on twitter)

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