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Breaking news: Sprint Races to be held at 3 Grands Prix this season

For 2021, there will be a brand new weekend structure at 3 grands prix this season.

Written by DJ Byrne, Edited by Sam Stewart

At the end of 2020, sprint races were being talked about as something potentially coming into Formula 1, as soon as 2021.

Following lengthy discussions about holding 3 sprint races, Formula One have officially announced that for 3 races in the 2021 season there will be

  1. Friday – A single 60 minute practice session, followed by the standard qualifying format to determine the grid for the sprint race

  2. Saturday – A second 60 minute practice session, followed by a 100Km sprint race to set the grid for the Sunday race

  3. Sunday – the race as normal

As of now, there will only be championship points awarded for the top 3 in the sprint races (going from 3-2-1), and only the normal point system for the race.

Similar to formula 2, there will be no mandatory pit stop in the sprint races.

There is expected to be money attached as compensation for the teams of damages occur etc.

The sprint race qualifying will be a 100km race on Saturday at Silverstone, Monza & Interlagos, but with Covid-19, this is subject to change if any cancellations occur.


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