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Catching up with Formula One: The last ride

Written by Sofia Costantino Edited by Hugh W

Are you ready to dive into the high-speed world of Formula One? Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the sport, there's never been a better time to catch up with everything happening on track this year.

This article has got you covered, from the latest race results and driver standings to the biggest shocks and controversies. So buckle up and get ready to experience the thrill of the race like never before!

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Welcome back to your very last catching up of this season, what a ride it has been to share with you these past races, laughs and memories, it has been nothing but an honor for us. Let’s get into our last ride together.

With the recently contested Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the seventy-fourth season of Formula One ended. After 22 races valid for the drivers' and constructors' championship, the 2023 campaign has proved without a doubt to be one of the most dominated by a driver and a team in the history of the world's leading motor racing category, with 19 victories for Max Verstappen and 21 for the Red Bull team (2 for Mexican Sergio Pérez).

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The reason, very simple. The best driver with, the best single-seater (on any type of track), the most efficient machine (no breakdowns or failures), the most competitive team and probably the best designer in the history of the category.

Perhaps, the greatest resemblance is to the 1988 season, in which McLaren -also powered by a Honda Turbo engine- triumphed in all but one of the races (15/16), tripling the points over second place (Ferrari) 199 to 65. Unlike the current harvest, on that occasion the scepter was clarified between both drivers of the British team, the championship for the Brazilian Ayrton Senna with seven wins, while eight went to the Frenchman Alain Prost (counting only the 11 best results).

While some campaigns have been decided in the last race, the most recent 2021, in which even Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were tied in points, many have ended up with big differences between first and second places, especially when a great driver is associated with an exceptional single-seater.

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As notorious examples, the 5x champion Juan Manuel Fangio with the unbeatable Mercedes W196 in 1954 over his compatriot José Froilán González (Ferrari) and in 1955 over his teammate Sir Stirling Moss with almost double his points.

The same goes for the extraordinary Scottish 2x World Champion, Jim Clark in 1963, with the Lotus 25 over Graham Hill (the reigning champion with BRM), Mansell with the mighty Williams FW14B over his partner, Ricardo Patrese in 1992 and Michael Schumacher in 2001 with the Ferrari F2001 over Coulthard of McLaren, among others.

Exceptionally, teams like McLaren in 1988 and 1989 Senna and Prost or, Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in 2007, two drivers of the same quality, above all of the same character and imperious desire to be champions, because they make life impossible for the whole team - however professional they may be.

In addition, splitting the points which can facilitate the victory of a 3rd championship contender (McLaren in 2007 with the Champion Kimi Raikkonen in his Ferrari - winning by one point over both McLaren drivers). Achieving a 1-2 in the championship has happened only 19 times, the most successful being Mercedes with the start of the hybrid season from 2014 to 2020 on 5 occasions.

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Teams prefer a driver who can be a champion and a teammate, also good, but who they know cannot compete for the crown, for whom they put all their efforts and resources. That is why the news about the possible association of Max Verstappen with Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso at Red Bull, a priori, is not going to happen.

As Red Bull showed this season, they don't need much support from a second driver to get both championships, although it's also true that having a Verstappen is unusual and never has been at that level of dominance.

From the champion driver's point of view, this season's Max Verstappen most resembles coincidentally another three-time champion, Ayrton Senna. The same determination, seriousness, roughness on the track, talent and speed. Open, sincere and not afraid to say what he thinks, even if he often confronts the authorities and the system if he doesn't like it.

But without a doubt, he does not have the charisma of Paulista, world idol, despite the Brazilian couple (Kelly Piquet).


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