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Christian Ho Not Satisfied With Spa Results in F4 Spain

Written by Juan Arroyo, Edited by William Stephens

Christian Ho holds podium trophy after F4 Spain race in Spa
Christian Ho holds podium trophy

Campos driver Christian Ho delivered two podiums from three races during the opening round of F4 Spain at Spa-Francorchamps. Despite the success, Ho expressed his dissatisfaction with the weekend's results, citing challenging qualifying conditions and a less-than-optimal performance in the final race.

“Overall, the race wasn't the best that I could have done. To be honest, qualifying was quite a mess, and I think the last race was quite a mess from my side as well.”

“But I think we could have achieved much more during the whole race weekend because even in the pre-season test and even during [practice], we showed really good pace as a team. On my side, I think it was quite a shame that we missed out on getting at least one win for the whole weekend.”

The double podium serves as a confidence boost for Ho, who leaves the Spa round second in the standings behind MP Motorsport’s Pedro Clerot. Despite describing his weekend as a “step in the right direction,” the Campos driver was disappointed not to leave top spot in the championship.

The challenging weather conditions during qualifying added to the drivers' difficulties. Ho described the situation as confusing, with changing track conditions and strict track limit enforcement. “I think I got all my laps deleted, and on some laps I did track limits by like one centimetre, but other drivers are doing it by a crazy amount, and they didn't get their laps deleted. For me, it’s quite unfair.”

As the F4 Spain season progresses, Ho does not perceive the Spa-Francorchamps round as an accurate representation of what lies ahead. “I don't think it was representative because many people were quite messed up during qualifying. [Both my teammates and MP] were strong overall. But honestly, I expect it to be really different throughout the whole year, especially from... I think it'll change up quite a bit.”

When asked about potential title contenders, Ho mentioned MP’s Valerio Rinicella as a strong competitor. He also acknowledged the talent within his team, considering his teammates as potential championship contenders.

Within the Campos team, Ho affirmed a harmonious relationship outside the track, enjoying camaraderie during training and team activities. “I think, you know, we hang out in the workshop and everything. We always want to swim and train together. It helps create the bond, especially when our parents are not there. We go out for dinner, lunch, and spend time in the workshops, which really strengthens our relationships, of course.”

Looking ahead, Ho's primary objective is to ‘win as many as possible’. Having worked on his mental preparation, he aims to build upon his improved mindset from the end of the previous season, determined to bounce back from any setbacks.

With Ho's promising start to the F4 Spain season, his focus, determination, and revised mental approach signal a competitive campaign ahead.


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