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Codemasters drop F1 2021® Announce Trailer

Codemasters have released the announce trailer for the Formula One licensed. F1 2021 game. The announce trailer shows little but here is what we have learned.

Written by Sam Stewart, edited by Aiden Hover

Braking point

A new, previously leaked, gamemode will be introduced to the game called Braking Point, as a play on words to the phrase ‘breaking point.’ The trailer shows an animation involving a Formula One car crashing and a fight between drivers. This seemingly indicates that the gamemode will follow the ever-changing drama of the sport, in a way that F1 games have been yet to replicate. In F1 2019® we saw the introduction of Devon Butler and Lukas Weber as characters to create drama, something we may see returning for the 2021 edition of the game.

Co-op career mode

Something that has been highly requested by the F1 game community since its removal some years ago is co-op seasons. Co-op seasons will allow players to play with their friends online, something that will be gratefully received by the F1 community.

Real-season start

An unexpected addition to this game is the ‘real-season start’ mode. This allows players to select a driver and jump into the F1 2021 season with real-time constructors and drivers championship standings. This will allow players to try and take their favourite driver to the title in a realistic manner.

Release date

The most important thing revealed was the release date of July 16, the weekend of the British Grand Prix.


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