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Daniel Ricciardo’s New Bet With McLaren

After Daniel Ricciardo’s famous bet with his former Renault F1 team boss / CEO, Cyril Abiteboul, in which if Daniel got a podium, the Australian would create the design for a tattoo for the Frenchman. Now with the team change, everyone is eager to hear about Ricciardo’s new deal with his new boss, Zak Brown.

Written By Bruna Brito, Edited By Ryan Lack

The achievement of Daniel Ricciardo, with his first podium for Renault, in 2020 at the Eiffel Grand Prix, where he took third place, promoted some commotion given the forgetfulness of his famous celebration, the “shoey”, however this was not the only piece of information that shocked the public.

The media was informed of Daniel’s famous bet with Cyril, that if Daniel got onto the podium, the Frenchman would have to get a tattoo. According to Ricciado, his former boss, has not yet shown the exclusive design: “You will know when that happens,” he said. “But it will happen. We left some things pending. And for pending things, I mean the tattoo. Will happen. I hope soon”.

At the launch of the new McLaren car for the 2020 season, Ricciardo told the journalists where the idea came from: “We were meeting for a few hours over lunch, and Zak mentioned that he hates needles. So I don’t see that happening to him. But I’ll think of something. I know he has one. Nice collection of cars, so we can see something out there. “

The famous collection includes pieces such as Lotus 79 driven by Mario Andretti, the McLaren MP4 / 6 piloted by Ayrton Senna, MP4-16 of Mika Hakkinen, a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a 2017Ford GT, a Ferrari 599 GTO, McLaren 675 LT Spider, Porsche 959, classic Honda NSX and a Bugatti EB110 are some of the examples of the iconic automobiles that the American entrepreneur boasts.

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And what about you, which car would you like to win from this “humble” collection?


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