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Daniil Kvyat: Career recap

Today is the birthday of Russia’s second most successful Formula One driver. Daniil Kvyat, is a Russian racing driver who raced in Formula One between 2014 and 2020.

Written by Dj Byrne

Formula Renault 2.0

For the 2012 season Daniil Kvyat raced in Formula Renault 2.0, for Koiranen Motorsport. He was one of four full time drivers that raced for the Finnish outfit. This season of racing would be Kvyat’s second best season of his career, with him winning the championship beating Norman Nato to the title by 3 points.


For the 2013 season, Daniil Kvyat raced in GP3 for Arden. He would have the most successful season in his career, winning the 2013 GP3 title with a race to spare, after winning 3 back-to-back feature races in Spa Monza and Abu Dhabi. He would beat (most notably) Carlos Sainz Jr, Conor Daly, Jack Harvey and Alexander Sims.

Formula 1

His Formula 1 career isn’t as straightforward as most drivers, he made his debut for Toro Rosso in 2014, in which he would go on to get multiple points finishes, finishing the season in 15th With 8 points. In 2015, he was promoted to Red Bull, to partner Daniel Ricciardo. He would go on to beat Daniel Ricciardo by 7 points in a fair fight, in which he would finish 7th in the championship. Kvyat started the 2016 season with Red Bull, but there was a fast 17-Year-Old Dutch driver named Max Verstappen, who would take the seat for the 2016 Spanish GP in which he would become the youngest F1 race winner ever at 18 years old. This meant Daniil was sent back to Toro Rosso, where he would finish the 2016 campaign with 25 points in 14th. For the 2017 season, he would partner up and coming driver, Carlos Sainz Jr. who would beat him by a big margin, outscoring him by 43 points before he moved to Renault. For the 2018 season, he would be kicked out of Toro Rosso and be left with no race seat. He would become a reserve driver at Ferrari for the 2018 season. For the 2019 season, Kvyat would again come back with Toro Rosso, and for the first 10 races in which he was teammates with Albon, he would beat him by 15 points(27-12) when they were teammates. At the Hungarian GP, Albon moved to Red Bull, with Gasly going back to Toro Rosso. Gasly would beat Kvyat by some margin when they were teammates with Gasly beating Kvyat by 31 points(41-10). Toro Rosso would keep the same lineup for the 2020 season, but would change their name to Alpha Tauri. For the 2020 season, Kvyat got comprehensively beaten by Pierre Gasly, with Gasly beating him by 43 points(75-32) and winning the Italian GP on top of that.

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