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Divebomb's 2022 Formula 1 Predictions: Bruna Brito

With pre-season testing now over, we asked some members of our Divebomb team to give us their predictions for the upcoming 2022 Formula One season. Read on to find out what our head of interviews, Bruna Brito, thinks will happen this year as the final part of our newest series!

Written by Bruna Brito, Edited by Morgan Holiday

Driver’s Championship

There is no doubt that Lewis Hamilton will claim his eighth title. The experienced, competent, and determined driver will be racing with fire in his eyes after having his victory snatched from him on the last lap at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2021. So, if you are tired of seeing the supremacy and hegemony of victories for the Mercedes driver, sorry, but this year will be no different.

Constructors’ Championship

Recently we have been bombarded with news and statements about the new silver arrows car of Mercedes having excessive porpoising, moments of rear exit problems, and difficulties in finding consistency along a curve. This news has worried the public, especially after the drastic choice to cut part of the floor structure.

But the question remains whether it's just a bluff - the famous "Bono my tires are gone" - or whether it will really be a challenging year for the team.

Besides, I am personally excited to see the interaction between George Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Shock Winner

I really want to see the most beautiful duo on the grid on the podium, Charles Leclerc must definitely miss having champagne, and it will be even more special if he can share this moment with his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, who has done an incredible job of consistently scoring points in almost every race last season.

In addition, the last two years have been very difficult for the traditionalist Italian team, and the expectations, as well as investment for the 2022 car, are immense. Among the innovations of their 2022 car, we can find the tip of the nose following the downward dip of the central portion of the mainline, allowing airflow to be fed to the bottom and then to the floor and sidepods. Such a design allows Ferrari engineers to make changes throughout the season without the need to undergo another crash test. Not to mention the amazing - and memestic - sidepods to the coke bottle region on the back, surrounded by a high flap that allows airflow to travel around the bottom surface.

Struggle of the year

Besides the obvious contenders, Like Haas and Williams as the last ones on the grid, I don't see Aston Martin standing out. It seems that the team took its position in the middle of the score, succeeding in some races, while others were a complete fiasco. There was nothing impressive from the car or the drivers.


With so many changes for 2022, including new tracks and new drivers, I hope the season is as bright, fierce, and competitive as 2021, with the only difference being that the rules are respected, and the winner will be crowned champion the way it should be.

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