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Drive to Survive Makes Huge Blunder

Written by James Harding, Edited by Esmée Koppius

Drive to Survive (DTS) is no stranger to a mistake; causing fans much anger and disappointment. It’s happened in previous seasons, like fake team radios and false footage. And it seems that Season 4 will be no different…

With Netflix releasing the trailer to Season 4 (highlighting events across last season) we see the first mistake of the series. The trailer shows a McLaren flying through the fast left hand Turn 12 (Tabac) in Monaco. However, the footage shown has been inverted, showing the McLaren flying through the streets of Monte Carlo backwards.

DTS has attracted a multitude of new F1 fans through the gripping, high octane flow of the docu-series. And fans are always eagerly anticipating feasting their eyes upon the show. But the show has been overshadowed by the constant, unprofessional blunders, disappointing us every year.

via Netflix Drive to Survive Season 4 trailer

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