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Extreme-E cancels its South American events

As a result of the ever-worsening COVID-19 situation in South America, the event organisers have been forced to drop both the Brazilian and Argentinian rounds from their inaugural five-round season with officials stating that they are “seeking alternate destinations.”

Written by Aiden Hover, Edited by Tanishka Vashee

The Amazon X-Prix was scheduled to take place in Brazil across the 23rd and 24th of October, followed by the Glacier X-Prix on the 11th and 12th of December in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The cancellation of these two events comes after an Ocean X-Prix in Senegal in which many staff experienced issues when attempting to travel to and from the venue.

Alejandro Agag, the co-founder and CEO of Extreme-E, said: “We’ve been closely monitoring the situation regarding all Extreme E locations for 2021 and have chosen to make this preventive decision on racing in South America this year.”

“Our priority is to deliver a five-race calendar of events which are safe and responsible for our global participants, partners and staff to travel to and attend.”

“This was not a decision made lightly, however current travel advice and restrictions have also meant we have been unable to visit the race areas in advance to undertake the necessary reconnaissance visits, which are especially vital due to the remote nature of our operations.”

“We will of course continue to support our important reforestation and agroforestry initiatives which are already well underway in the region thanks to the help of Dr Francisco Olivieira and our partnership with The Nature Conservancy in Brazil.”

“We would also like to thank the local authorities in Brazil and Argentina who have been supportive throughout the whole process and we hope we can return in 2022.”

Despite the difficulties currently being experienced by the young championship, it still looks to be in a strong position for the future. In the last week, it was announced that McLaren would be entering a team into the 2022 season. Which was shortly after Extreme-E performed a successful promotion with Prince William diving at Knockhill last month.

Suggested alternate replacements are also beginning to pop up in various news outlets. The Western Isles in Scotland has been proposed for November ahead of Glasgow hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The championship has also made its intentions to race in Nepal clear after an event there was cancelled earlier this year.

Whatever happens, Extreme-E is sure to make the best of a bad situation as the enthralling electric racing continues to win fans over with its close and action-packed races.

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