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Extreme E is Back

Written by William Stephens, Edited by Alexandra Campos

Credit: Extreme E media

After a delay to the calendar after the opening race of the season, the second Extreme E season is back with a return to Sardinia for a double header on the island. Using the season one location, the Army Training area at Capo Teulada in Sulcis-Iglesiente, the teams and drivers are sure to be challenged with the area that was put in use, it being a factor in the delay to the season after global events in the last 6 months. An important factor is how the track develops over the two weekends; unlike ‘traditional’ asphalt, running the course will reduce in speed as ruts develop along the common lines, potentially forcing drivers into changing lines.

Round one saw Rosberg x Racing (RxR) return to the dominant fashion they had in season 1 by taking the maximum points available. While also getting a comfortable gap over the Acciona Sainz XE team that trail by 15 points and the X44 team 12 behind them. The newest re-entry to the grid, Mclaren XE, will look to bounce back after a strong weekend went wrong in the final. Veloce will also look to have a stronger weekend after the car was severely damaged in a crash that broke Christine GZ's ankle in the qualifying stages of the Neom event.

One team that has a crucial change is the XITE energy racing, having replaced both drivers with Extreme E’s championship drivers Timo Scheider and Tamara Molinaro. The latter raced with the team in round one after Klara Andersson tested positive for Covid-19 and was unable to take part. Scheider however hasn't raced the Extrem E Odyssey 21 but has driven it for the creation of the tracks on which the series races on.


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