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F1 Academy: All You Need to Know About the Car

Written by Isabel Brito, Edited by Sameena Khan

Photo Credits: Simonkr/Getty Images

As of March 10th, F1 Academy has released what would ultimately be the car design and technical regulations for their first season. In addition, the much-awaited series officially posted on social media about the cars that will be seen on track this season, with tires and engines from the same companies. This season is going to be a very exciting and competitive one.

Only over a month ago, it was announced by Formula 1 that the chassis used would be the F4-T421, which has been used in Formula 4 since 2021 and manufactured by Tatuus, an Italian chassis manufacturer for the Formula Racing series. The chassis for this season is paired with the Formula 1 tire supplier, Pirelli, and Autotecnica turbocharged engines.

A car of this level will have a maximum speed of 240 KM/H with a lateral acceleration of more or less 2.0 G (+/- 2.0 G) and a maximum braking deceleration of -1.5 G. The cars are set to go from 0 - 100KM/H in 3.6 seconds and 0 - 200 KM/H in 12.5 seconds. Regarding speed, 12.5 seconds is relatively slow compared to cars in different series.

Regardless of how slow or fast fans may consider the F1 Academy car, there are other aspects to consider. This series will race under Formula 4 regulations; therefore, the design and technology criteria are as follows: (Source: F1 Academy)

  • Aerodynamics optimized to facilitate overtaking, and a wide range of suspension setup possibilities

  • Cost-effective

  • Compliant with FIA F4 2021 safety rules

  • Static tests

  • Crash tests

  • Anti intrusion panels

  • Steel Halo

  • Wheel tether cables

  • A compromise between performance and cost-effectiveness, wherever possible

  • Extensive use of composite materials

  • Sequential gearbox

  • Electric gear shift system

  • All-in-one ECU-GCU data logger equipment

  • High-speed data acquisition system but no telemetry

Overall, the cars for the all-women series are not the fastest among the FIA series. However, the series anticipates a marvelous performance as the start of the season has fans excited to see how the season will play out.


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