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F1 Announce New Management Game

Written by Lewis Rundle, Edited by Umut Yelbaşı

Formula One has officially announced a new, licensed management game in partnership with Frontier Developments.

F1 Manager 2022 will feature official content from F1 and it’s two junior categories - F2 and F3. Players will jump into the role of team principal as they look to develop their chosen squad in the pursuit of ultimate success at the pinnacle of motorsport.

More details were unveiled in a press release from Formula 1. The game will offer “a challenging experience for new and die-hard motorsport fans alike, while detailing the intricacies of the world’s most prestigious racing brand.” Players will be able to “upgrade cars and race facilities, hire drivers and engineers, balance budgets and driver demands, and once the race weekend gets underway, stay calm under pressure and make critical decisions as you manage your team to victory.”

Frontier Developments are best known for their Planet series, Elite Dangerous and Jurassic World Evolution, with their background in simulation and management games making them the obvious choice to produce Formula One’s newest game series.

The studio has an exclusive multi-year contract and is currently set to release games yearly up until 2025. This will run alongside Codemaster’s deal to produce the official racing title until the same date.

F1 Manager will be released on PC and Console in Summer 2022.


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