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F1 Brazilian GP - Verstappen Extends Win Record in Thrilling Grand Prix

Written by Owen Bradley

Credit: Mark Thompson

Max Verstappen wins the Brazilian Grand Prix to set a new record of 17 wins in a single season. Fernando Alonso defends from Sergio Perez to take a podium by one HUNDRETH of a second! The Brazilian Grand Prix Race Report, below.

Formula One returned to the iconic Sao Paulo Circuit for the 2023 Sao Paulo Grand Prix. The circuit of Interlagos has delivered many thrilling Grands Prix over the years, and is one of the most reliable circuits to bring entertainment and excitement.

The chaotic race began on the Formation Lap, when Charles Leclerc ended up crashing into the outside barriers of Turns 6/7 due to hydraulic issues, which meant that he would fail to even start the Grand Prix. Leclerc said on the Team Radio: "Why am I always so unlucky?"

1st Max Verstappen

2nd Lando Norris

3rd Fernando Alonso

4th Sergio Perez

5th Lance Stroll

6th Carlos Sainz

7th Pierre Gasly

8th Lewis Hamilton

9th Yuki Tsunoda

10th Esteban Ocon

11th Logan Sargeant

12th Nico Hulkenberg

13th Daniel Ricciardo

14th Oscar Piastri

DNF George Russell

DNF Valtteri Bottas

DNF Guanyu Zhou

DNF Charles Leclerc

DNF Kevin Magnussen

DNF Alex Albon

Grand Prix

Credit: Mark Thompson

The drama of the Grand Prix had already started just before the race, with Leclerc being forced to retire from the race. As the lights went out, the Haas cars collided with Alex Albon's Williams, who went spearing off into the barriers along with Kevin Magnussen. Magnussen's car would slide across the track and hit the rear wing of Oscar Piastri. Magnussen's rear tyre carcass would roll onto the track, going underneath Nico Hulkenberg's car and then being pinged back across the circuit, into the path of Daniel Ricciardo. A broken rear wing for both Aussie's, who were just about able to get back to the restart, albeit one lap down and having to start from the pit lane.


The restart would get under way, with Verstappen managing to hold the lead. But the action was behind him, with Alonso managing to overtake Lewis Hamilton for P3 and Lando Norris attacking Max Verstappen, the Brit managed to keep within the DRS jabbing range and had a proper run at the Dutchman into Turn 4. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Norris had used up all of his ERS (Energy Recovery System) as he dropped back further and further each lap, managing to stay around 3 seconds in the wake of Verstappen's Red Bull.

Credit: Kym Illman

George Russell wanted to switch places with teammate Hamilton, who had been struggling for pace and eventually lost enough time, to be overtaken by Sergio Perez. As soon as Hamilton got overtaken, he came right into the pit lane and bolted on the Medium Compound tyres. Perez and Russell would both come in, one lap after each other.

Hamilton however, did manage to make the undercut strategy work on Sergio Perez, jumping him in the pits, as Russell began to seemingly struggle for grip. Perez would eventually attack Hamilton, with the Mercedes managing to edge in front of the Red Bull at the exit of Turn One, but then being overtaken on the run down to Turn Four.

The Mercedes began to struggle greatly on their tyres and seemed to lack straight line speed completely. Being overtaken by Alphatauri driver Yuki Tsunoda. Eventually, even the Alpine of Pierre Gasly would manage to drive straight past Hamilton and keep the distance to around 3 seconds, a relatively comfortable distance to manage.

Credit: Richard Callis

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez had began closing in on Fernando Alonso, but then stagnated for a long time. However, whilst the Red Bull did close in on the Aston Martin through the straight, especially with DRS, the Aston Martin of Alonso was managing to get enough drive off the corner, with great torque and acceleration coming off the corner.

Lando Norris set the fastest lap by over two seconds to anybody else, the Soft compound tyres certainly clicking into place as he sought out to take victory, by closing up on Verstappen each lap by a solid amount.

George Russell eventually came in to retire the car, allegedly the engine became dangerous to the point of a potential explosion.

Alonso and Perez battling like it's an F1 race in the 1970's! Alonso got overtaken by Perez, but came right back at him in the Second DRS zone, with Perez weaving down the straight dangerously, Alonso still managed to fight back and re-take the final podium place on the final lap. A drag race to the line for Alonso and Perez, with Alonso coming out on top by less than one tenth of a second, an absolutely exceptional and uplifting result for the Spaniard, and for the entire Aston Martin team.

An absolutely thrilling race, arguably the greatest race of the season, with many storylines up and down the grid. The Brazilian GP at Sao Paulo, never disappoints.

But what did you think of the Brazilian GP? let us know in the comments below!

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