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F1 Las Vegas GP: What Verstappen's in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Written by Owen Bradley

Credit: Kym Illman

Las Vegas, has a short history with Formula One, and not particularly a great one. FP1 cancelled this weekend, fans given a $200 voucher as compensation for missing the track action. However somehow despite all of the negative PR generated by the Las Vegas GP, it actually did deliver us one of the greatest races in 2023.

Full Race Results

1st Max Verstappen

2nd Charles Leclerc

3rd Sergio Perez

4th Esteban Ocon

5th Lance Stroll

6th Carlos Sainz

7th Lewis Hamilton

8th George Russell

9th Fernando Alonso

10th Oscar Piastri

11th Pierre Gasly

12th Alex Albon

13th Kevin Magnussen

14th Daniel Ricciardo

15th Zhou Guanyu

16th Logan Sargeant

17th Valtteri Bottas

DNF Yuki Tsunoda

DNF Nico Hulkenberg

DNF Lando Norris

Grand Prix

Credit: Chris Graythen

The race got underway, and it wasn't just the wheels spinning on the grid, it was also the roulette wheels spinning too. And some drivers were all in from the very start, with Charles Leclerc squeezing Max Verstappen up against the pit wall, before Verstappen did manage to get up the inside, but with the short run to Turn One and tyres being incredibly cold, Verstappen ran Leclerc and himself off the circuit on the exit of One.

A bunch of other cars would collide, with Alonso going into a spin and Bottas having nowhere to go, hitting the Aston Martin of Alonso. Lando Norris would lose the rear of the car and end up smashing into the wall, being taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

Eventually, Verstappen would be given a 5-second penalty for the incident with Leclerc. Perez, Hamilton and Alonso would all make a pit-stop and go onto the Hard Compound tyres, gaining a lot of time under the Safety Car and VSC as well.

A battle between Verstappen, Perez and Leclerc would then break out, with Verstappen closing down on the pair, eventually managing to make his way through on both of them. Perez and Leclerc would be locked in a battle, exchanging places all over the circuit and down the straight, before eventually Perez needed to have a tow of slipstream from Verstappen.

Perez was running the standard rear wing, making it drag more down the straight, whereas Verstappen had better straight line speed. Leclerc also had excellent straight line speed, managing to dive up the inside of Perez in the final braking zone, before Perez viciously followed Leclerc's Ferrari, but not quite having enough speed to pull alongside the Monegasque.

Further behind, the pack was spread between less than a few seconds, unfortunately sometimes creating a DRS train and making it harder to actually pull of a move.

Credit: ANP

Max Verstappen Won the Grand Prix after having a few setbacks, a penalty and broken front wing as a result of contact with George Russell. Perez managed to achieve a podium despite starting from the back, and being involved in collisions too. Leclerc would have a bittersweet race, managing to take a last gasp 2nd place, but still losing to Verstappen, who got penalised.

What did you make of the Las Vegas GP? let us know in the comments!

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Nov 19, 2023

A good race with lots of intrigue and borderline stewarding calls which we now have to accept as part of most weekends. Congrats to the top ten, especially Lance.

Just off now to cry about our result, how did we get no points.


James Vowles

Replying to

I'll see what I can do 😉Already have some big projects lined up for 2024 with Interviews and a review on the new Disney+ Docuseries - "Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story" will be out next! Certainly a lot more to do, and Vowles just joined Instagram a day ago, so seems as though he will be open to speaking with the public now.

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