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“F1” starring Brad Pitt, gets first official reveal trailer

Written By Carl Hilliard, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

The long-awaited Formula One theatrical movie, aptly titled “F1”, gets its first official teaser trailer. 

Image Credit: Apple Original Films

“F1”, starring Pitt, was officially revealed before the 2024 British Grand Prix got underway at Silverstone, with a small reveal trailer shown to the fans. The movie is slated for a Summer 2025 release date, in theatres and streaming on AppleTV respectively.

The movie seems to take place within the real world setting, showing off clips featuring teams such as Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Ferrari and Haas, to name a few. Former Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner also features in the trailer. 

Image Credit: Apple Original Films

While the plot details of the movie remain vague, we do know Pitt will star as a returning F1 driver named Sonny Hayes. Hayes returns to drive for a fictional team, Apex GP, looking to make his mark on the grid once again, alongside his teammate, portrayed by Damson Idris. Javier Bardem stars also, who will be portraying the team boss for APXGP.

The trailer showcases plenty of on-track battles, with the two drivers going wheel-to-wheel, colliding and going off track, and racing to the absolute limit, similar to what we see at a real Grand Prix race weekend. 

With sleek but gritty and realistic cinematography, the shots in the trailer showcase cinematic style racing, with an onboard camera view similar to what we see on our TV screens, although shot in a classic racing movie fashion. 

Image Credit: Mercedes AMG Petronas

Alongside the many F1 drivers who will feature in the project, it is seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton who has the most involvement. The British driver was involved in the scriptwriting process, along with a full production credit to boot. 

“Top Gun: Maverick” director Joseph Kosinski directed the movie, with Pitt, Hamilton, and Jerry Bruckheimer all on board in producing roles. 


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