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Fernando Alonso loses Jeddah podium for penalty post-race

The Aston Martin driver loses his third place, drops down to fourth.

Fernando Alonso had reason to celebrate after finishing third on the road in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which marked his second podium of the season for Aston Martin. However, the Spaniard's elation was short-lived, as his position was quickly thrown into doubt.

During the race, Alonso received a five-second penalty for lining up incorrectly on the grid, from which he subsequently took the lead. Although he was overtaken by race winner Sergio Perez, Alonso managed to maintain second place until he pitted under a safety car caused by his teammate Lance Stroll's retirement.

Although Alonso served the penalty, it was later discovered that he had done so incorrectly and a ten-second penalty was applied to his race time, dropping him behind George Russell and Lewis Hamilton to fifth place.

While it is unclear what the specific pitstop infringement was, the rear jack appeared to touch Alonso's AMR23 before the penalty was properly served.

Despite Alonso's disappointment, Russell was able to secure his tenth podium finish in Formula 1, marking an important milestone for Mercedes. The team has had a difficult start to the season with its W14 car, which it has already confirmed it will be revising significantly after feeling that the concept of the car was wrong.

The Bahrain Grand Prix was a thrilling race that saw Perez take the win, with Verstappen finishing in second place. While Alonso may be disappointed with the outcome, his strong performance on the track bodes well for the rest of the season.

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20 mar 2023

Then you wake up and he has been reinstated because the stewards misinterpreted the rule or were unaware of the detail that the jackman contacting the jacking point didn't constitute 'working' on the car. Combined with Sargeants claim he was penalised with a deleted lap for using the same line through the first straight that he used through all 3 practice sessions and its a total chaos of stewarding - again.

Me gusta

19 mar 2023

The season is setting into quite an early fixed pattern - that Red Bull is simply miles ahead and Perez today proved that beyond all doubt as previously it might have been possible for another team to pressure him for the win, not today... not anywhere close. Its actually horrific that Max could come from 15th on at times a quite leisurely fightback through the pack, and still gap the next best teams by 20, 30, up to about 40 secs in the Ferrari case. The pace differential is honestly shocking and for me is highlighting massive under performance from Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine. The least said about McLaren the better. It appears Alonso's penalty is vaild which is a shame…

Me gusta
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