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Ferrari exhibit their 2022 challenger

Written Hugh Waring, edited by Harshi Vashee

One of the most highly anticipated cars to be unveiled on launch week is here. The Ferrari F1-75. The team based in Maranello, have been widely tipped to be challenging the front of the field once again, targeting their first driver's world championship since 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen. The duo of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are also arguably, the best partnership on the grid for the 2022 season and will be eager to step foot in their car next week in Barcelona’s shakedown test. The F1-75 commemorates the 75th anniversary of the company. It was in March 1947 that Enzo Ferrari first fired up the engine of the 125S.

There are high expectations on Binotto’s team to deliver in the upcoming season, as both 2020 and 2021 seasons were relatively a write-off, however, they do seem to be on an incline on results having finished third in the world constructors' championship just ahead of its rivals McLaren. Ferrari also has hinted that it had prioritised throughout last season it's resources towards the regulation changes of 2022.

Despite being another team to have its challenger photos leaked on the internet yesterday - as there had been a private showing to close members of Ferrari. The Italian team has partnered up with its former sponsors Shell and Santandar. The classic Ferrari red, gives a nostalgic feeling to the 1990s Ferrari cars of the Schumacher era, with contrasting black front and rear wings. However, the livery is subject to change and reports are that it will only be first shown at the opening race in Bahrain.

Former Ferrari driver, Jean Alesi, who attended the private launch yesterday had stated, “I saw the Ferrari earlier. It is a real marvel, very, very slim, with a bit of a sophisticated nose.”. Alesi also added, "The car is already impressive and I hope it will go as fast to join the two teams we had [out front] last year in Mercedes and Red Bull."

We'll have to wait and see until next month's opening race, to find out whether Ferrari’s ambitious technical direction towards the 2022 regulations will pay off and deliver the team its first constructors' title since 2008.

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