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Ferrari Returns to Le Mans’ Top Class

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious teams when it comes to motorsport. From Formula One to GT Racing, the company has acquired a multitude of championships and victories. Alongside Formula One, Ferrari had one of its largest successes in the world of motorsports at the top class of Le Mans featuring exclusive sports car prototypes. However, after the poor performance of the Ferrari 333SP car in 2003, Ferrari decided to step down from this field. Now, after 20 years, Ferrari is returning to the series with a brand new prototype hypercar for the 2023 season.

Written By Aryan Desai, Edited By Issa Chaker

Ferrari’s 333SP Car (Photo Credit: Mulsanne’s Corner)

After the FIA’s decision to implement budget cuts in Formula One, Ferrari, a team with one of the largest budgets in the sport, was left with over $30 million with no plans to use them. Speculation emerged that they might be considering an Indy Car return for 2022, but now it is clear how the Prancing Horse plans to utilize the additional cash flow. Ferrari has already started developing this new hypercar with team members who previously worked in their Formula One division

In this LeMans Hypercar Class, Ferrari will face the likes of Glickenhaus, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Acura, ByKolles, and Peugeot. The Italian powerhouse has yet to announce who will be driving for this team. With a fleet of young talent in their Formula One development program, such as Callum Illot, fans may see these drivers showcase their skills in endurance racing. Ferrari may also call upon previous LeMans winners like Alessandro Pier Guidi, who have also been tied to the team in years prior, 2007 Formula One world champion Kimi Raikkonen might also be an option for a seat.

Ferrari’s LMGTE Pro Class Car driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi (Photo Credit: Ferrari)

Several questions still remain. What will this new hypercar look like? Is Ferrari’s Le Mans dominance coming back? Will a focus on Le Mans affect Ferrari’s other Motorsport facilities? One thing is for certain: Motorsport fans eagerly await 2023.


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