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Written by: Andrew Lwanga, Edited by: Daniel Yi

The FIA have unveiled plans for an all new electric GT category. The class aims to include several pioneering innovations previously unseen in motorsport as well as several technical regulation freedoms that have not been afforded to electric racing.

In their announcement, the FIA stated that the breed of cars built for this category, “will set new standards for electric vehicles in motor sport in terms of performance and range.”

Photo by: FIA

The cars are expected to match the existing performance of GT3 cars and even exceed their acceleration and qualifying pace. The yet-to-be named series will also race at full-length permanent circuits; a first in electric motorsport.

In addition to this, the FIA has included fast charging pit-stops as part of their early concept which according to the FIA will take “a few minutes”. Other technical regulations permit manufacturers to either develop two or four-wheel drive and torque vectoring as well.

Photo by: FIA

While the manufacturers will be provided with standardized battery layouts by Saft, a subsidiary company of Total, a scope for battery development by manufacterers will be permitted. Also another first in electric racing.

FIA technical director Xavier Pinon stated: “The main technical challenges [for the car industry] are battery development, battery integration in the cars and fast charging technology.”

“This is crucial to the manufacturers who want to develop road-relevant technology rather than relying on standard components.” He added.

This falls in line with FIA’s plans to make racing relevant to the automotive industry.

Jean Todt, the FIA president added: “The FIA’s vision is to make motor sport a laboratory for sustainable mobility.”

“The announcement of this new electric-powered GT car category is a key milestone serving this goal as it will pave the way for new battery and fast-charging technologies. A perfect illustration of our race-to-road approach.”

Further details of the category are expected to be released in May including the name and format of the series.


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