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French GP Concerns for Pirelli Tyres with France Heatwave

Written by Owen Bradley, Edited by Ishani Aziz

Credit: Andrew Boyers - Getty Images

As of writing, Europe has been in the middle of a massive heatwave, which has even resulted in some wildfires in France, and 12,000 people have been evacuated from an area in France called Gironde, due to these wildfires.

With the French Grand Prix coming up, the heatwave has posed somewhat of a risk, particularly for tyre wear at the Grand Prix. Just over a month ago, the GT World Challenge Europe Series went to Paul Ricard, and during the endurance race, Pirelli’s tyres actually ended up exploding, and drivers were driving with punctures.

Credit: Charles Coates - Getty Images

With the Grand Prix now looming, some are concerned that the current wildfires and heat waves could drastically alter race strategies, as higher temperatures could mean increased pit stops, to avoid punctures.

The concern is only growing, given that only a month ago Pirelli’s tyres were failing the GT cars, which resulted in so many punctures. Pirelli don’t have the greatest of track records either when it comes to hot temperatures, with races in recent memory, being Silverstone 2020, when Hamilton won the race on three-wheels, and teammate Bottas also suffered a puncture. Similarly, the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where six tyres were punctured.

Credit: Darren Heath - Getty Images

It all hangs in the balance for the French Grand Prix race weekend, for both the Pirelli tyres as well as the teams.

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4 comentários

24 de jul. de 2022

Then most of the top runners one stopped ... against our well thought out predictions ! Still, only a week until we get to be smart again 😉🤣.

Respondendo a

It was an ambitious thought I suppose! based off some facts but at the end of the day, that's why we're not getting paid 😂 either way, Leclerc definitely had some degradation on the inside of the tyre, lost grip and ended up in the wall - so maybe not punctures, but the concern for tyres, was definitely there! so still somewhat true I guess


22 de jul. de 2022

Temp in the mid 30s at Ricard - other than the Mistral Straight its pretty much all twisty so deg could be critical.... I hope Perez is planning a tyre whisperer strategy right from the start of FP1... it could be his chance to get back in the mix.

Respondendo a

If any of the drivers can do it, Perez is the guy! although I think we might have a very interesting race, based off strategy - it could be a scenario where some drivers make it a 3-stop and others might try the 2-stop and be slower towards the end of their stint. either way, France is under threat to potentially leave the calendar, so hopefully it will be a good race, so that it can fight its' case!

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