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George Russell on his new GDPA role

Last month, George Russell was announced as Romain Grosjean’s replacement to become the director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association. Since then, the young Brit has shed some light on his eagerness to take on the new role.

Written by Aiden Hover, Edited by Daniel Yi

Russell began by praising the organisation stating that, “what the GPDA has done over so many years has been great for the sport.” He went on to talk about how he enjoyed the GPDA’s meetings, “probably once after every two Grand Prix we’d stay after the drivers’ briefing and we’d all talk about certain issues or ways we could improve the sport.” “I was always quite vocal, I always quite enjoyed putting my opinion forward, and I guess having a voice for the drivers is something I’m quite proud of to be honest.”

When asked about what he aims to achieve, the 23-year-old simply stated that he wanted to bring “positive change” to the sport. He added, “I think for me, if I can look back in 20 years’ time and say I was part of a positive change in Formula One. I think the future of Formula One is looking incredibly bright with Liberty, obviously now with Stefano [Domenicali] and Ross [Brawn] at the helm.” “ I think the drivers are having a stronger and stronger voice to help shape that future of the sport.”

“I guess Sebastian [Vettel] is sort of representing the older half of the grid”

George Russell also spoke about his fellow board members and his relationship with the grid as a whole, stating with a laugh, “ I think I have a very good relationship with a lot of the younger drivers. I guess Sebastian [Vettel] is sort of representing the older half of the grid; I’m potentially representing the younger half of the grid.” He went on to say, “So I, being at the forefront with Sebastian and Alex Wurz, [will] push these views of the drivers to Formula One towards the FIA.”

With the Formula One circus heading to the historic racing grounds of Imola this weekend, George Russell will look to begin his push for positive change – whilst also hoping for a good race with his Williams team.

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