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Haas 2021 Livery Under Investigation

The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is investigating Haas’ controversial 2021 Livery after it was spotted sporting the Russian flag.

Written By Lucy Bennett, Edited By Andrea Teo

A 2-year ban for Russian athletes has been imposed following the doping controversy at the olympics, meaning that athletes are not allowed to compete under the Russian flag. In Formula 1, the ban only affects rookie Nikita Mazepin, who will be racing under a neutral flag.

Haas has caused controversy by using the colours of the Russian flag, white, blue and red, on the car, in a manner in which looks like the flag itself. This comes thanks to Haas’ new title sponsor, Urakali, a Russian fertiliser brand brought in by Mazepin’s father. Personnel at Haas have denied the connotations to the Russian flag, saying instead that the colours represented the American flag.

While the livery does not breach any of the FIA’s (International Automobile Federation) rules, the WADA have yet to release their statement on the controversial car.

Pre-Season testing will be starting soon, on 12-14 March, and Haas have been unable to fit their engine into the car due to Covid-19 restrictions. This means we may see limited testing for the team as they will only be able to install their engine on arrival in Bahrain.

They’ll be hoping to improve for the coming season after a poor 2020, but with the WADA investigation on their shoulders, they may have to settle on the last spot in the Constructors Championship.

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