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IMSA Detroit Grand Prix - Acura Win in Chaotic Street Race

Written by Owen Bradley

IMSA debuts on the tight streets of Detroit for a 100-minute race, with each lap taking just over one minute in a joint weekend with IndyCar. #6 Porsche starting from pole with the rest of the top five just half a second behind, an exciting IMSA race was in store.

With the green flag waved, the #6 Porsche would retain their lead of the race, pulling out a short gap immediately. However, the #64 Mustang GTD Pro had major issues, slowing down before the green flag was waved and becoming stationary at the first braking zone.

Meanwhile, the #3 Corvette was stuck in the pit lane with some major issues. With a stationary car and some debris on the circuit, the first of many Full Course Yellow's was called.

The BMW #24 GTP was called into the pits to serve a drive-through penalty after changing lanes, dropping from inside the top five to the back of the field. After just 10 minutes of the race, the #31 Cadillac would be driven into the pits by Pipo Derani, who immediately got out of the car and was replaced by Jack Aitken.

After pulling out a strong lead, it seemed that not much could go wrong for the #6 Porsche. However, Nick Tandy of the #6 Porsche would collide at Turn 1 with the #35 Ferrari GTD Pro, sending the Ferrari into the outside barrier. The #6 Porsche would be given a drive-through penalty, dropping them well into the pack after initially leading by multiple seconds.

The #25 BMW would hit their first major struggle, running wide into Turn 1 and colliding with the outside barrier, picking up some damage. However, their race would get a lot worse after running wide and hitting an outside barrier, giving them major rear suspension damage and forcing them to retire the car. A second Full Course Yellow was called, as other cars began coming into the pit lane.

After pitting prior to the Full Course Yellow, the #7 Porsche of Felipe Nasr would make a surprise pit stop for right side tyres, dropping from second to eighth. Nasr would make quick work through the field, immediately making a double overtake on the #24 BMW and the #85 Porsche.

In the GTD Pro class, the leading #4 Corvette would be hit by the #14 Lexus after moving under braking at Turn 1, leaving the Lexus with no room. The Corvette would be pushed into the outside barriers, as the Lexus carried major front end damage.

However, the race would come to an almost complete halt, as Jack Aitken's #31 Cadillac attempted a move up the inside of the #5 Porsche. The Porsche was put into a spin and blocked the entire circuit, as an immediate Full Course Yellow was called. The #31 Cadillac would also be given a drive-through penalty.

Once the race was finally restarted, with just half an hour remaining there was a major overtake for the lead of the race. The #10 Acura managed to get past the leading #6 Porsche at Turn 1, outbraking the Porsche and diving to the inside. However, another Full Course Yellow would be called after there was some loose debris on the circuit.

Another restart later, there was a major battle further in the GTP field with Jack Aitken looking to make a comeback through the field in the final 20 minutes. However, with the #5 Porsche and #24 BMW battling for position, the BMW would eventually make it through after some light contact. The #31 Cadillac of Aitken would follow the BMW through, but one lap later would cause another Full Course Yellow.

The #5 Porsche of Bruni would be hit from the left rear by the #31 Cadillac, sending the Porsche into the wall and subsequently forcing a retirement from the race with just 10 minutes remaining, as yet another Full Course Yellow would be deployed.

After a final FCY period, the race got back underway with only a few minutes remaining. The #10 Acura would hold their position to win the Detroit Grand Prix, with the #6 Porsche just behind them. The #01 Cadillac would have a relatively uneventful race, holding a solid podium position and maintaining the car to take home more points.

IMSA Detroit Grand Prix - Race Results Top 5


1st #10 Acura, Ricky Taylor and Filip Albuquerque

2nd #6 Porsche, Nick Tandy and Mathieu Jaminet

3rd #01 Cadillac, Sebastien Bourdais and Renger Van Der Zande

4th #7 Porsche, Dane Cameron and Felipe Nasr

5th #40 Acura, James Taylor and Louis Deletraz


1st #77 Porsche

2nd #14 Lexus

3rd #23 Aston Martin

4th #15 Lexus

5th #1 BMW


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