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Interview with Youtuber DylanJamesGP

Written and conducted by: Tom Evans, Edited by: Daniel Yi

Dylan James is a British YouTuber and content creator known for his highly entertaining motorsport opinion videos that, to this point, have amassed him an impressive 16.8 thousand subscribers! We at DIVEBOMB were lucky enough to interview him a short while ago:

Tom: When did you start to take an interest in motorsports?

Dylan: I’ve been watching motorsports since before I could think. My parents were a fan of the up and coming Lewis Hamilton in 2007 so naturally, I’d watch with them. I’d say one of my first memories was Lewis binning it in the gravel trap in China 2007 and more notably, my dad’s reaction.

Tom: Who were your biggest idols growing up? And who is your biggest idol now?

Dylan: Biggest idols growing up had to have been Lewis Hamilton and Steven Gerrard, however nowadays I’d have to say Theo Pourchaire – which may seem odd due to lack of experience within motorsports in general, however, I really admire how much he has achieved in such a short amount of time.

Tom: What are the biggest joys and challenges of being an F1 YouTuber?

Dylan: The joys of being an F1 YouTuber definitely includes audience engagement – it’s the best feeling in the world when you can tell that someone really enjoyed a video, and you begin to actually recognise the names of subscribers who have been with you through thick and thin. Ad revenue is great and all, but seeing the impact you make on a significant number of people is definitely the best part.

Biggest challenges are certainly the undesirables on the platform – the sort of internet trolls who send racist comments, death threats and the likes. However when you do create content for many, they’re bound to find you so I don’t get too caught up on negativity anymore!

Tom: Not too long ago you hit 10000 subscribers. What was your reaction to achieving what so little others have?

Dylan: Hitting 10,000 was crazy. It’s the kind of number that you always want to reach, but never think is possible when you’re pottering around with 30 odd views. Although, through a few good, popular videos and with advice and help from a fellow YouTuber -John Warren, I began making my way towards that number. Hitting it was an awesome feeling, and really felt like I was getting somewhere with a career!

Tom: Did you ever think you would be as successful as you are?

Dylan: I always wanted to be as successful as I am now, however wanting and achieving are very different things – I had to work very hard on different projects before I even started this channel in order to acquire the knowledge and skills required to create good content. And with all of this work, I only receive 30-100 views per video.

Tom: If you could pick a team principal, and 2 drivers for your own team, who would you choose and why?

Dylan: My F1 dream team would genuinely consist of Carlos Sainz alongside Lando Norris. McLaren’s 2020 lineup worked well and I personally believe that Sainz is the most underrated driver on the grid, with Lando having the most potential of the young guns. For team principal, I’d have to pick Toto Wolff.

Tom: What are your hopes for the future of your channel?

Dylan: I don’t necessarily have any strict future ambitions for my channel. I take it day by day, video by video, subscriber by subscriber and let it all develop naturally. Obviously there are milestones, I wouldn’t complain if I eventually reached 50k for instance! However I am in no rush!

Tom: And finally, could we get a sneak peek on any new videos for the near future?

Dylan: I have a few videos planned in the near future, including a few Indycar videos featuring drivers such as Pato O’Ward. I am also working on a few fun videos featuring other YouTubers, but you’ll have to wait and see!

We at Divebomb wish DylanJamesGP the very best for his channel and career!

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