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Jack Miller "Left in the dark" on his Ducati future

Written by: Andrew Lwanga, Edited by: Haneen Abbas

Three-time MotoGP winner Jack Miller has expressed distress at what he's described as being "left in the dark" in relation to his future with Ducati.

The Australian has been part of the factory Ducati team since last year, stepping up from the satellite team Pramac Ducati, and with the factory outfit he managed two wins and five podiums. Despite his solid performances Miller's position in the team has seemingly been under increasing threat since the latter half of last season.

Jorge Martin and Enea Bastianini, both of whom joined the premier class last year on Ducati's customer teams, garnered reputations of outperforming their satellite machinery. Currently both Bastianini and Martin have managed podiums this season with Bastianini scoring his maiden win at the season's opener in Qatar.

Image: Akhil Puthiyedath

In an interview with Miller said that there had yet to be any discussions on his future with the team:

"Nope. No discussions. What am I to do? Just do the best I can, I mean I can't change it" he said. "As I said, I've been in this position time after time after time it doesn't make any difference fretting about it or stressing about it.”

"So, the only thing I can do is try to do the best I can on track and that's it. But no word from them, which also hurts because you're getting left in the dark quite a lot. But what are you going to do about it?"

Miller then clarified that he still feels loved by Ducati and that the atmosphere within the team still feels great, saying: "I do feel it and there is a great atmosphere, and I do love being here" he insisted. "That's why it stresses you when you don't think you can stay. But I understand it's a big, big, big decision this seat and there's a lot of politics that go on behind it.”

"And I know that these guys would love to settle me down and take things easier. But it's not all up to them. It is what it is, it's a very political job. It's a shit part of motorbike racing but it is part of it. You need these sorts of things to make the wheels turn.” "I don't feel like I'm a liability and I try to do the stuff that I can do, and everything I do is for the team – always."

Although his Ducati seat is under threat, the Australian said he was confident he could still find a ride elsewhere in the paddock, revealing that he'd been in conversation with other teams.

When asked if he'd had talks with any other teams Miller said: "Of course. I'm not a piece of fucking sliced ham, there are other interests out there and I know I will be able to get a job somewhere in this paddock."

"I'm not stressed about that whatsoever. Even when I have been left in the lurch in the past, but I have stuck to my word with Ducati going back to when I was a Pramac rider and they were going to sign [Jorge] Lorenzo back again [for 2020] and I was sort of out of a job at that point.”

He also went on to state: "I know there are a lot of people in this paddock that will have me.” and "I know a lot of people have my back and it's not an issue about getting a job, that's for certain. But my main focus is to try and be here."

With Miller's contract coming to an end this year, many expect the next few rounds to be make or break for the Australian.


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