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Jenson Button's racing teams

Written by William Stephens, Edited by Sasha Macmillen

Credit: Tom Evans Photography

Many have heard of the name Jenson Button and his fairytale drivers’ championship win in 2009, but not everyone knows about Rocket Motorsport. The team was originally set up by John Button, going on to help many drivers through karting and is now racing all over the world via its partnership with RJN motorsport.

Team rocket RJN competes in British GT with a McLaren 720s alongside the JBXE team that runs in Extreme E. The success in British GT has been marginal so far with its best season being 2018 where RJN motorsport won the Silver Cup(using the Nissan GTR GT3), and a fourth palace in 2020 with a single win(using the McLaren 720s GT3).

The 2022 season didn't start well due to a crash in the first race of the day at Oulton Park whilst fighting for the lead, putting them out of the race. The second race at Oulton Park went a lot better, finishing fourth having stayed out of any incidents during the messy first half of the race, which contained several safety car laps before a red flag to repair barrier damage from an earlier crash. Once the race restarted, it was a 25-minute straight fight for the win, but the track is difficult to pass on so they couldn't get a higher result.

Credit: Tom Evans Photography

The JBXE operation has endured a lot of bad luck but has been quick and able to challenge for podiums on several occasions within their first season. But a crash in the opening round of the second season put them out of the weekend early. With Extreme E delaying the next round of the season, it gives the teams more time to prepare for a double header of Island X Prix in Sardinia.


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