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Lewis Hamilton Extends His Deal With Mercedes Up to 2025

Written by Nia Nieminen, Edited by Debargha Banerjee

Credits: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Seven-time world Champion Lewis Hamilton has signed with Mercedes for another

season, as expected.

He has spent the last decade with the team and seems to be still enjoying his time. Mercedes faced some problems with the car in 2022, but they seem to have gotten their pace back race by race.

The Mercedes driver was expected to fight for the title in 2022 after the tight fight in 2021, but due to the poor season, he was too far away to mount a title challenge on the dominant RedBulls.

There were rumours of Hamilton considering a move to Ferrari, but these rumours were addressed as false pretty quickly by Ferrari’s team principal Frédéric Vasseur.

The 2023 season has been successful so far for the Brit since he’s scored three podiums and is ahead of his teammate George Russell in the drivers' championship standings by 37 points so far

Lewis stated in a SkySports article, he still has faith in the team and is ready to battle for his 8th title with them after missing out on it in 2021. He also mentioned that the team is working its way to close the gap to others, title fight however is way too late for the ongoing season as the current world champion Max Verstappen keeps extending his lead race after another.

Hamilton's new contract will take him upto the end of the 2025 Formula One season, and the Briton was best pleased to continue with the Silver Arrows, looking to return to winning ways in the future: "We dream every day of being the best and we have dedicated the past decade together to achieving that goal. Being at the top does not happen overnight or over a short period of time, it takes commitment, hard work and dedication and it’s been an honour to earn our way into the history books with this incredible team.

“We have never been hungrier to win. We have learnt from every success but also every setback. We continue to chase our dreams, we continue to fight no matter the challenge and we will win again."

“I’m grateful to the team who have supported me both on and off the track. Our story isn’t finished, we are determined to achieve more together and we won’t stop until we do.”

Hamilton's teammate George Russell too extended his Mercedes contract into 2024, as he looks to take the Silver Arrows into the future, and be the next big hero at Brackley.

However, the intriguing question still remains: Will this be Hamilton’s last contract, and what would he do if he decides not to extend the contract again, and chooses to retire? Thankfully, questions over his retirement can take a back seat for the time being.


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