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Lewis Hamilton wins the Spanish GP

Written by Hafiz Akbar, Edited by Hazel Alagappan

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is once again a host of the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix. The weather looked particularly cool with a chance of rain as reported by young British driver, Lando Norris who spotted a bit of rain falling on him.

Following quali yesterday, it’s Lewis Hamilton to start from pole. This marks his 100th pole position in Formula One, with his first one back in 2007 when he was driving for McLaren. 

Max Verstappen starts beside the veteran Briton in second. The young talented driver splits the Mercedes drivers with Valtteri Bottas in third. Ferrari is looking hot on the heels of Mercedes and Red Bull, as Charles Leclerc takes his highest qualifying finish since last season in 4th.

Esteban Ocon breaks the two Ferraris of Leclerc and teammate, Carlos Sainz, with the Frenchman starting in 5th and Sainz in 6th.

Nikita Mazepin was handed a 3-place grid penalty (not that it will be of any use) and 1 license point for unnecessarily impeding Norris who was charging the field for his fastest lap time.

And for the fourth time this year, it’s lights out and away we go. Lewis Hamilton starts off well but Max Verstappen starts off better. The Dutchman goes wheel-to-wheel with the Briton down the back straight and overtakes him exiting turn 1.

Pierre Gasly was whacked with a 5-second penalty due to a start-line infringement. The AlphaTauri driver stopped too far in front of his grid spot. The Frenchman ended up finishing 10th, an improvement of his grid place.

Just 7 laps in, car 22 of Yuki Tsunoda stalled. The Japanese stopped just beside the track, interfering with it a little bit, and thus, the safety car needed to be taken out to make it safe for the marshals to take the retired car off the track.

52 laps in, Lando Norris was black-and-white flagged due to a late move to defend his place to his former teammate, Carlos Sainz.

After a topsy turvy race with some great overtakes and an exciting race up front (can’t say the same to the midfield), Lewis Hamilton wins the Spanish Grand Prix and extends his championship lead. Max Verstappen finished second with the fastest lap of the race, earning him the extra point. Valtteri Bottas finished in the last step of the podium in third.

For the moment, Mercedes have extended their lead even further in the Constructors’ Championship and so have Lewis Hamilton.

We’ll meet again in two weeks’ time on the streets of Monte Carlo, as the Monaco Grand Prix takes place. Who will win next time? Will it be another 44 win, or will Max be claimed victor.

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