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Indianapolis 500 Qualifying Day One - as it happened

Coverage by Dan Jones, Archie O'Reilly, Jake O'Callaghan and Caitlyn Gordon

Credit: Joe Skibinski

Welcome to DIVEBOMB's live coverage for the opening day of qualifying for the 108th Indianapolis 500, as positions 13-30 are locked in ahead of the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' on May 26. Follow throughout the day for live updates, analysis and all you need to know during the day.

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  • Rinus VeeKay crashes at Turn 3 in the morning, before last gasp run sees the Dutchman in the Fast 12

  • Kyle Larson has engine issue on fourth lap - makes Fast 12 in 6th place

  • Legge brushes the wall at Turn 4 but finishes her run

  • Ilott time disqualified for non-compliant part

  • Penske one-two-three after day one of running

  • Power, McLaughlin, Newgarden, Rossi, Kirkwood, Larson, Rosenqvist, Ferrucci, Sato, O'Ward, VeeKay, Hunter-Reay into Fast 12

  • Legge, Rahal, Siegel and Ericsson in Last Chance Qualifying

  • Chevrolet running drivers suffer multiple plenum fires


LIVE UPDATES: 18:12 ET - Coverage for tomorrow

So that's all we've got for today. Thanks all for tuning in to DIVEBOMB's coverage of Day One of qualifying for the 108th Running of the Indianapolis 500. We'll be back tomorrow, Caitlyn will have you covered for the Fast 12, I'll be back for Last Chance Qualifying, and Archie will be taking care of you for the Fast 6.

Someone's Indianapolis 500 dream will end before it's already begun tomorrow, someone will begin the race in the perfect way. If today was dramatic, tomorrow will be even more so. Stay tuned for coverage over the next few hours, as we round-up all the stories and reactions from today. Indianapolis truly never disappoints, see you all tomorrow.

18:10 ET - Indianapolis Never Dissapoints

What a simply incredible day. We do this every single year, and every single year there's a new story which will be remembered for years to come. This year, that story is Rinus VeeKay's. A monster crash at the start of the day, and after a mega repair job from Ed Carpenter Racing, the Dutchman finds himself in the Fast 12.

Shoutouts to Ryan Hunter-Reay and Takuma Sato who have managed to quietly put in mega performances to get their machines in the Fast 12. Spare a thought for Agustin Canapino though, who would have made it, if not for a Chevrolet plenum fire - Christian Rasmussen may feel just as aggravated.

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18:00 ET - Those locked into the field

Positions 13-30 are as follows:

Herta Palou Ilott

Armstrong Carpenter Simpson

Andretti Castroneves Dixon

Canapino Robb Rasmussen

Blomqvist Grosjean Lundqvist

Lundgaard Daly Fittipaldi

17:58 ET - The other side of the equation

As looked the case for the majority of the day, Katherine Legge, Graham Rahal, Marcus Ericsson and Nolan Siegel will battle for the last three positions in the field. Siegel looks the most under threat, but you never quite know at this place.

17:56 ET - Advancing to tomorrow

Power, McLaughlin, Newgarden, Rossi, Kirkwood, Larson, Rosenqvist, Ferrucci, Sato, O'Ward, VeeKay and Hunter-Reay will battle for the pole tomorrow. Standout performances from Larson, Sato, VeeKay and Hunter-Reay, all huge underdogs who have a shot at pole tomorrow. Can Penske be toppled though? We haven't seen them since about 11ET, they'll be confident about their chances.

17:54 ET - No Ganassi's in Fast 12

No Chip Ganassi Racing cars in the Fast 12. They had four in the Fast 12 this year, they will start 13th at best with defending pole winner, Álex Palou. Scott Dixon has his worst ever qualifying at the Indianapolis 500. They are over 2mph slower than they were last year. What has happened to the serial winners?

17:52 ET - CHEQUERED FLAG, Rahal to return tomorrow

Unsurprisingly, Rahal is not quick enough, he will return tomorrow. The story of the day though belongs to Rinus VeeKay. He had a fantastic draw, crashed this morning, a racecar which had to have a massive repair, and with two minutes on the clock, Rinus VeeKay has pulled a monster lap out of the bag to get into the Fast 12. WOW.


CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. IT? VeeKay crashed this morning, with ONE MINUTE left in the day, Rinus VeeKay has pushed Colton Herta out of the Fast 12 - he's going to be in 11th! What a miraculous comeback. Talking of miracles, Graham Rahal has got out with five seconds left....



17:45 ET - Legge waived off - to return tomorrow

That won't be enough for Katherine Legge - she's not quick enough. Rinus VeeKay has risked it all in Lane One, the only way she's going to be in the field is if VeeKay throws it in the wall for the second time today. Likelihood is Ericsson, Legge, Siegel and Rahal will battle for the last row.

17:40 ET - Ericsson to fight for place on Sunday

Marcus Ericsson is the latest name to join Nolan Siegel and Graham Rahal, this will not be fast enough for the 2022 Indianapolis 500 winner. His Wednesday crash has really de-railed this Month for one of the favourites - the back-up tub not giving the performance. Hugely dissapointing for the Swede - he will earn his place in the field tomorrow. Can Katherine Legge pull herself into the field here?

17:36 ET - Siegel to return Sunday

Nolan Siegel has backed off before his run began. No clarity on the issue. With Marcus Ericsson, Katherine Legge and Rinus VeeKay in Lane One, Siegel won't have time to run and will join Graham Rahal in Last Chance Qualifying tomorrow.


NOOOOOOOOO! Canapino's Lap Two was 232.975 - that would have EASILY been enough for the Argentine to be in tomorrow's Fast 12. Yet ANOTHER Chevrolet engine issue has come into play and haltered would easily would have been the story of the day. He is absolutely furious over the team radio and understandably so, an absolute heartbreak for Canapino.



17:28 ET - Rahal to compete in Last Chance Qualifying

That won't be enough for Graham Rahal, with such little time remaining and cars lining up in Lane One, he looks to be done for today. Rahal will return on Sunday to earn his place in the show for the second consecutive year. It ended in heartbreak this year, will be able to avoid heartbreak again tomorrow?

17:25 ET - Fittipaldi doesn't improve

No improvement for Pietro Fittipaldi, he remains on the danger zone in 30th. None of Rahal, Ericsson, Siegel or Legge look likely to force the Brazilian to come back tomorrow though. RLL's woes still look precarious this season - bar Takuma Sato, currently laying in 9th, one of the most impressive runs of the day.

17:20 ET - Dixon waived off

Dixon doesn't have the pace - a 232.305 Lap One won't cut it. The 2008 winner, the five-time pole-sitter, including as recently as 2021 and 2022 will not return to qualify on Sunday - 20th might be the best he can do today - currently no Ganassi's find themselves in the Fast 12 - who could have seen that coming at the start of the Month?

17:17 ET - What have we got left?

Drivers will have until 17:50 ET to bump themselves into the Fast 12, or avoid being in the bottom four. Commonly known as 'Happy Hour' expect the next 30 minutes to be absolutely manic, drivers will make themselves heroes here, some may make themselves zero. We will take you all the way to the chequered flag. Scott Dixon on track as we speak - can he bump himself in?

17:15 ET - Another Chevrolet power issue

Carpenter had a monster moment on the exit of Turn 2 on Lap Two after a 232.7 Lap One, however the following lap he's reported another Chevrolet engine issue. That's the third issue in a row for Chevy, two in a row for ECR, Only adds to the plenum fires Pato O'Ward and Kyle Larson suffered - what is going on today?

17:12 ET - The RHR Lap Two Battle

Back to my message at 15:18, RHR's Lap Two was 232.539, just 000.104 off my prediction! A mighty guess, however, it seems he will be coming back tomorrow, so we will see another Lap Two tomorrow from Captain America. Can my 'spaceship' comment shoot me in the foot.... let's hope not. Anyway, Ed Carpenter on track.

17:11 ET - Ericsson, Rasmussen waived off

Hi everyone, Dan back with you until the end of the day. Marcus Ericsson is the latest to have his time chalked off as he won't bump himself into the Top 30. What a disastrous day for the 2022 race winner. Christian Rasmussen did a mega first lap hitting the 233 mark, however ANOTHER Chevrolet plenum fire has hampered him on Lap 2, the Dane being waived off.

17:00 ET - Ryan Hunter-Reay slots into the Fast 12

Sitting in 22nd, Hunter-Reay looks to improve his time, halfway through his average, the timings were looking strong - meaning Palou might be pushed out of the Fast 12. Hunter-Reay crossed the line with a 232.385 which see's the American enter the Fast 12 - an impressive lap from the driver.

16:52 ET - Herta goes to 11th

Herta started off strong, but his time started to drop significantly in both the second and third lap. However, was able to make up a position by just 0.010 seconds ahead of Palou. Has he done enough to keep his spot?

16:50 ET - Can Herta keep his spot in the Fast 12?

Herta is next to head out in hopes of securing his spot in the fast 12, the American sits on the cusp of the bubble.

16:46 ET - Disappointment for Daly

Daly heads out for his next run, his first lap secured a 232.399 which was an impressive start, the American down in 28th needs just a couple of tenths to move up into a more secure position. He crossed the line with no improvements, his final lap was a significant drop off and as he headed to the pits, fluid was emerging from his car.

16:40 ET - Rossi improves

Like his teammates, his car flew around the oval, putting in impressive laps which out did his previous time. When he crossed the line, Rossi improved and went into the 233's. Although he didn't surpass the Penske's up front, it was an impressive lap which secures his spot into the Fast 12.

16:38 ET - O'Ward stays hopeful

Speaking to NBC, O'Ward is hoping he has done enough to secure a place in the fast 12: "Best run we had all day, we found an issue quite quickly -hands off to the guys. I hope it stands, it will be tight for sure, I think today we were fighting for the fast 12 which is where we are now!"

16:35 ET - Ilott narrowly misses out on top 12

Ilott was next to hit the track, the Arrow McLaren car had made an impressive come back, the Briton was faster than O'Ward's second lap and it was looking like an impressive run. However, he lifts off and loses time which sees him slot into 13th just 0.006 seconds.

16:28 ET - O'Ward leaps up to 10th

A strong start for O'Ward with a 233.033, after a tough qualifying session so far, the Arrow McLaren flies around the track. Holding on to a consistent time, O'Ward crosses the line with a 232.434 and slots himself into the top ten, pushing Armstrong out.

16:16 ET - Legge misses out by margins of a second

Legge was next to go out. Her first lap wasn't an improvement, however, her second lap she made an impressive jump. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold on, she misses out on the top thirty by just 0.3 seconds. Despite a great effort, Legge was unable to escape from the bottom.

16:10 ET - No improvements for Rahal

A familiar and disappointing position Rahal finds himself in, running at the back of the pack, he hopes his next run can bring him out of the fighting four tomorrow. However, as he crossed the line, his four-lap average didn't see any improvement and Rahal finds himself in 32nd - a story that repeats itself from last year.

16:08 ET - Rahal steps up

Hi guys, Caitlyn here again. The clock is ticking down for drivers to improve their times with just over an hour and a half to go - which drivers are going to be fighting for a place in the Indy 500 tomorrow? Rahal is the next driver to head onto the track.

16:00 ET - Robb improves

A decent run for Sting Ray Robb, who moves himself up to a more comfortable 20th, slotted between the Arrow McLaren's of Pato O'Ward and Callum Ilott. Still remains over half a mile an hour off teammate, Santino Ferrucci, but Robb will be pleased with his 231.826. I'm now going to hand you over to Caitlyn who will take care of you for the next hour.

15:55 ET - VeeKay completes run

Great job by Ed Carpenter Racing to get VeeKay back out, and his first complete run buts him in 29th with a 231.166, and just squeezes himself into the provisional field - and pushes Ericsson provisionally into tomorrows Last Chance Qualifying. Up next, Sting Ray Robb.

15:50 ET - Ericsson still on the bubble

2022 winner, Marcus Ericsson was back on track, but cannot improve, despite being in Lane One. He remains 30th. Will he be able to avoid coming back tomorrow - it would be quite the shock. Next up, Rinus VeeKay who attempts for a first complete run after his crash this morning.

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15:38 ET - O'Ward on the board

Sorry, the poetry has come back. It's been a difficult day for McLaren, but Pato O'Ward finally puts in a semi-representative time with a 231.833 and puts the Mexican in 19th. We'd expect more from him though, so expect to see him a bit later on today - being one of the favourites for the Fast 12.

15:33 ET - Castroneves waived off

Helio Castroneves is the latest driver to be waived off, with his four-lap average not looking to be improved. He remains 16th. Pato O'Ward out next looking to recover from his plenum fire in his earlier run.

15:28 ET - VeeKay back on track

It might be the slowest few laps you've ever seen in Indianapolis qualifying, but Rinus VeeKay is out on track just making sure his Ed Carpenter Racing machine feels correct before they go for a more serious attempt in a few minutes time.

15:25 ET - Sato further improves

I've had something to do! Takuma Sato is out on track and it's a VERY strong run, despite a monster wiggle on the exit of Turn 2 on Lap 3. The man from Japan brings home a 232.473 and jumps from 12th to 9th - a superb effort from Taku. What a story it would be if an RLL makes the Fast 12 after all their struggles last year..... Next up, Rinus VeeKay is back on track after his accident this morning.

15:18 ET - A DIVEBOMB IndyCar Podcast eye...

You can really tell it's quiet at the minute. BUT if Ryan Hunter-Reay runs again, look out for his Lap Two time. The DIVEBOMB IndyCar Podcast tried to predict his Lap Two pre-season. RHR currently sits in 20th with a lap two of 231.796. Ellie remains the closest with a 231.680. I predicted a 232.435, whilst Archie thought Dreyer & Reinbold were in spaceships with a 233.331.....

15:14 ET - Penske on top, so head to FormulaModelShop!

You can probably tell why I went into live reporting rather than poetry by that attempt at rhyming. But Will Power currently sits at the top, and likely will do for the rest of the day. If you're team Power ahead of the 500, why not get your merch to support the Aussie here, as well as all the other 33 drivers at FormulaModelShop which you can find here. Remember to use code FIVEBOMB at the checkout to give yourself a lovely 5% off!

15:09 ET - Siegel improves - still not good enough

Nolan Siegel's morning run was a bit of struggle, and this one still won't be enough for the Top 30, but a nice consistent run for the Californian, stepping up to the 228mph range with a 228.276, and was flat for the majority of the run. Will still need to find a whole 2mph to bump himself into the field as things currently stand. But that will help build confidence for the 19-year-old ahead of any later runs.

15:03 ET - Waiting for action

Hi folks, Dan here. Bit of a lull on track whilst track temperatures are high, but expect it to get busier in the next hour or so. So many storylines in this qualifying already. Penske look strong, Ganassi don't. A woeful day for McLaren so far. Let me know your thoughts on today's action, drop me a message on X @BannyBones, or Instagram @divebombmotorsport. We might have the chance to share some of your thoughts on the day. Anyway, here comes Nolan Siegel......

15:00 ET - Quiet on track

As it's quiet on track, we're going to transfer you all to Dan who will take you until 16:00 ET.

14:45 ET - Blomqvist moves up the pecking order

Blomqvist was next to head out in hopes of improvement. The Briton began slightly improving on his time before dropping in the third lap. Despite this, he managed to improve by a couple of seconds, moving from 25th to 22nd.

14:40 ET - Ericsson has another try

A disappointing time of 230.603 from Ericsson, meant the Swede was hungry for improvement. However, the Andretti driver wasn't making significant progress. After losing two tenths, he backed out headed back to the pits.

14:33 ET - Ilott hits the track

After being disqualified due to a non compliant left-rear wheel offset, Ilott headed out for his first official run. Though his times dropped in comparison to his deleted time, the Briton slotted into 19th with a 231.728, which pushed Rahal into 30th.

14:27 ET - Dixon goes 17th

With the track soaring at 128 degrees, Dixon headed out for his first run. The Kiwi had to change his engine earlier on the session, making his running an unknown, however as he headed out he clocked in consistent times, he crossed the line with a 231.851 mph - a timing which he would want to improve on.

14:23 ET - No improvements for Grosjean

Grosjean who was running in 20th with a 231.514 mph went out for his second attempt, however, on his third lap he was told to retreat and return to the pits after his time wasn't going to be an improvement.

14:17 ET - Yellow flag shown during Kirkwood's second attempt

Kirkwood heads out for his second attempt at qualifying, he was dropping off his original time of 232.764 and as he ran on his third lap, the session was yellow flagged and Kirkwood retreated to the pits.

14:14 ET - Larson excels during first qualifying

The NASCAR driver had been running well in practice and after facing issues early on, he came out on track strong. Larson clocked consistent 232’s and as he crossed the line, he slotted himself into 6th with a 232.563. An impressive showing in his first Indy 500 qualification.

14:10 ET - O'Ward faces troubles

O’Ward heads out for his first run, however, his engine seems to be having issues, though the Mexican continues his lap to get a timing on the board. However, it has been a difficult day for the Papaya team with three out of four cars having issues.

14:01 ET - RHR safely in the field

Ryan Hunter-Reay, the 2014 Indy 500 winner, slots into 17th - two places higher than the position he won the race from. It was a 231.695 mph four-lap average. That is all from me - I am now going to hand over to Caitlyn and Dan for the rest of the day! I will be back tomorrow for the Fast Six.

13:57 ET - Rossi best of the rest

Alexander Rossi broke into the 233 mph range before dropping off into the 232s, but he remained very consistent across the majority of the run. His four-lap average of 232.962 mph puts him comfortably fourth and best of the rest in the order. These were not favourable conditions either. Pato O'Ward now out on pit lane too and Ryan Hunter-Reay on track.

13:52 ET - Rossi on track

After a bit of a lull, Alexander Rossi is out on track for Arrow McLaren. None of their cars have a four-lap average speed on the pylon at present. Not ideal conditions but a nice, relaxed approach from the team after withdrawing Rossi from the rear of the initial qualifying line.

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13:35 ET - Calm before the storm

Pit lane is empty at the moment before things get a bit wild. Two lanes will be available to cars - the first allows them priority to get on track but wipes their time, while the second allows them to keep their time but does not guarantee a run so far as cars are in the priority lane. Full explainer here.

13:33 ET - Yet to qualify...

Scott Dixon has not yet run after undergoing an engine change - not ideal with no time to shake it down pre-qualifying. Rinus VeeKay and Kyle Larson do not have times due to their issues. Callum Ilott's disqualified time means he is yet to run too, along with Arrow McLaren teammates Alexander Rossi and Pato O'Ward, who pulled out of line for set-up changes. Same applies to Ryan Hunter-Reay.

13:28 ET - Castroneves safely mid-pack

Helio Castroneves goes 14th with a 231.871 mph four-lap average - a very consistent run that the four-time Indy 500 winner credits his team for on the radio. That is the end of the guaranteed runs as the rest of those that have not yet been on track pulled out of line to make changes to their cars.

13:24 ET - Rahal in trouble

That was a very uncomfortable run for Graham Rahal, who was bumped from the field last year. A 230.233 mph four-lap average puts him second-last of the runners. Panic eerily similar to last year as he reports a possible engine issue. Teammate Takuma Sato is up in 10th. Now onto Helio Castroneves.

13:19 ET - Rasmussen goes 15th

Christian Rasmussen puts in a solid first-ever Indy 500 qualifying run to erase any jeopardy with a 231.682 mph four-lap average. He got on the limiter and a little high at one point but should be fairly content. Now it is a big one... Graham Rahal.

13:14 ET - Herta ultra-consistent

Colton Herta edges his way into the top 10 for Andretti Global with a 232.236 mph four-lap average. A very consistent run that saw an improvement on the second lap. Next up is Christian Rasmussen.

13:12 ET - Ilott time disqualified

News has emerged in the last 10 minutes that Callum Ilott's time has been disqualified for a non-compliant left-rear wheel offset on his No.6 Arrow McLaren Chevy. It has not been a great start to the day for the papaya team.

13:10 ET - 18th for Robb

Sting Ray Robb will probably have wanted a little more than a 231.346 mph four-lap average for an AJ Foyt Racing team that looked strong yesterday. He may want to run again after a run that went downhill after a Lap 2 wiggle. Colton Herta next.

13: 05 ET - Sato goes ninth for Rahal

Archie back with you... Takuma Sato seemed to abort every four-lap attempt on Friday but that was an impressive and consistent first qualifying effort to slot inside the top 10 with a 232.140 mph four-lap average. That is an RLL car very safely in the field after last year’s Bump Day woes. Sting Ray Robb next.

13:00 ET - Palou Left Wanting

The 2023 Indy 500 pole sitter Alex Palou was next to run. His Chip Ganassi team had struggled to find speed in practice, and his first four-lap average was not enough to challenge the high-standing Penske cars. He finished with a 232.306, putting him seventh.

12:56 ET - Rosenqvist Fast

Felix Rosenqvist has been lightning quick in IndyCar qualifying in 2024. The Meyer Shank driver continued that trend with his first run in Indy, setting a 232.547 mph average. He stood P5 after that run. His car was unsteady for the first lap of the run but got dialed in towards the end.

12:52 ET - Blomqvist Solid

Tom Blomqvist is attempting to qualify for the Indy 500 for the first time. The sportscar champion set an impressive 231.403. He slotted into 15th at the time.

12:49 ET - Legge Speaks on her Run

Speaking to NBC, Katherine Legge said on her brush with the wall: “I was coming to the chequered so I thought I’d stay in it,” “it was terrifying, honestly." "We have some work to do on the speed, but we’ll try again later.”

12:46 ET - Fittipaldi 16th

Pietro Fittipaldi slotted into 16th with a four-lap average speed of 231.100. The Brazilian driver has attempted the Indy 500 once before, and showed that RLL have a little more speed than their nightmarish qualifying of last year’s 500.

12:42 ET - Daly 15th

Conor Daly set a run of 231.243. The Dreyer and Reinbold driver was initially expecting more, but was hoping to improve after some slow runs in practice. He did just that, and will be looking for more speed later today.

12:38 ET - Legge Hits the Wall but Finishes the Run

Katherine Legge lined up for Dale Coyne Racing. Her first run was off the pace of the front-runners, but was solid. She hit the wall off of turn 4 on the final lap of her run, but didn’t lift and continued to the line, setting an impressive 230.244 mph. She earned a round of applause from the fans.

12:33 ET - Carpenter Strong

Ed Carpenter Racing struggled with speed in practice, and the eponymous Ed Carpenter set out to improve on this. He logged a 232.017, impressively improving between laps three and four. After his teammate VeeKay crashed earlier, ECR will take any consolation they can get.

12:28 ET - Andretti Ninth

Marco Andretti logged a 231.890 mph average, putting his ninth. The 2020 Indy 500 pole sitter is attempting his 19th Indy 500 this year, and his team has shown decent speed so far.

12:22 ET - Lundqvist Continues his Recovery

Linus Lundqvist slotted into 11th after he posted a run of 231.506 mph. It is an impressive time considering his crash in practice on Thursday. Chip Ganassi Racing have struggled with speed so far, this may provide some hope for them, particularly after teammate Armstrong's earlier run.

12:18 ET - Ericsson Slow

Next was 2022 Indy 500 Champion Marcus Ericsson’s turn to run. Driving a backup car due to his practice crash earlier this week, his car was sluggish, to say the least. He couldn’t break the 230 mph barrier, finishing with a run average of 230.603 mph. He is only faster than Nolan Siegel at this point.

12:14 ET - Lundgaard 11th

Next to set a run around the Brickyard was Christian Lundgaard. The RLL driver set a consistent pace across his four laps, all four within the 231 mph range. His final speed was 231.465 mph. He will need to find some more speed to feel safe from tomorrow’s last row shootout.

12:09 ET - Ferrucci Impresses

Santino Ferrucci impressed on his first qualifying run. The AJ Foyt Racing driver set a 232.496 mph four-lap average. He even improved his speed on his second lap, compared to his first. The Connecticut native has good potential to start high in the field.

12:05 ET - Siegel 10th

Nolan Siegel put in a tentative first run. After his major crash in practice yesterday, he was careful to just put in a steady run. He put in the slowest time but showed steady progression of speed. Watch for him later in the session. He logged a 226.621 mph average.

12:00 ET - Armstrong goes fifth

Excellent consistency from Marcus Armstrong as a 232.183 mph four-lap average puts him fifth, ahead of the Arrow McLaren car of Callum Ilott. I will now pass the coverage over to Jake and will be back with you in an hour. Next up is Nolan Siegel after his heavy crash yesterday...

11: 56 ET - Newgarden slots into second

Josef Newgarden is the slowest of the Team Penske trio with a 233.293 mph four-lap average but safely makes it a one-two-three for the team from eight completed runs. That could well see all three Penske cars safely in the Fast 12 already. Next up: Chip Ganassi Racing rookie Marcus Armstrong.

11:51 ET - The first 234 mph lap!

Will Power is quickest so far after a first lap slightly above 234 mph. His four-lap average of 233.758 mph eclipses teammate Scott McLaughlin's 233.332 mph run despite less favourable conditions. His No.12 crew has found something overnight. And now it is yesterday's fast man and defending winner... Josef Newgarden!

11:47 ET - 231.995 mph for Ilott

Callum Ilott may have wanted more than that from his No.6 Arrow McLaren Chevy but he still slots into third of the six runners to far. It appeared the slowest of the team's cars on Friday - there is still a bit to find to those ahead but it is not a bad run. Will Power up next.

11:43 ET - Canapino fastest Juncos car

Agustin Canapino runs a 231.847 mph four-lap average to put him second-last but quicker than teammate Romain Grosjean. Not a bad run for the sophomore in his second Indy 500. Now it's Callum Ilott's turn for Arrow McLaren!

11:39 ET - Disaster for Larson

Kyle Larson got an excellent qualifying draw and looked to be comfortably making it into the field. It is a nightmare to have had some sort of failure midway through a very strong and well-balanced run. Meantime, Agustin Canapino is on track.

11:37 ET - MECHANICAL for Larson!

Kyle Larson was running in the mid-232 mph range but he appears to have had a mechanical failure on his fourth and final lap and enters pit lane! A disaster on his first qualifying run...

11:32 ET - Grosjean slowest so far

Juncos Hollinger Racing have looked somewhat on the brink this week and Romain Grosjean is slowest so far with a 231.514 mph four-lap average. He is not happy on the radio and does not think that run will be good enough. Next up is the big one... Kyle Larson's first Indy 500 qualifying run.

11:28 ET - Grosjean rolling

Track clear - time for Romain Grosjean to hopefully become the fourth driver to set a four-lap average at IMS.

11:26 ET - Grosjean up next

Rinus VeeKay's No.21 Chevy has been towed away and track inspection is underway. We will report any news on the extent of the damage when it comes through. When we get back going, likely soon, it will be Romain Grosjean on track for Juncos Hollinger Racing.

11:22 ET - A big crash early on

Rinus VeeKay said he was battling understeer the lap prior to losing the rear of his car and hitting the Turn 3 SAFER barrier. He was limping slightly as he walked to the AMR safety truck but radioed immediately to say he is okay. It is a big blow for the Ed Carpenter Racing team at their strongest track.

11:16 ET - CRASH! Rinus VeeKay in the wall

The back end and left side of the Dutchman's No.21 Ed Carpenter Racing Chevy is ruined and that could be his day done. If so, he may have to return for Last Chance Qualifying tomorrow. That could be the end of his all-top-four qualifying finishes too. He is out of the car and okay.

11:14 ET - Good effort from Simpson

Slowest four-lap average so far but a fairly neat run from young Kyffin Simpson. He improved lap two to three which is encouraging. A 231.948 mph four-lap average is a good effort. Rinus VeeKay, who has never qualified lower than fourth for the Indy 500, is up next for Ed Carpenter Racing.

11:09 ET - McLaughlin in the 233s

The balance looks very good on Scott McLaughlin's No.3 Team Penske Chevy. A 233.332 mph four-lap average is a big early statement from the Yellow Submarine - possibly enough to make it to the Fast 12 and not have to run again today. Up next: 19-year-old rookie Kyffin Simpson for a Chip Ganassi Racing team uncharacteristically searching for speed.

11:05 ET - 232.764 mph for Kirkwood

A clean first run with decent consistency from Kyle Kirkwood. He sets the early benchmark of a 232.764 mph four-lap average. Next up is Scott McLaughlin - second-quickest in the four-lap averages on Friday.

11:00 ET - Kirkwood up first

Andretti Global's Kyle Kirkwood is up first in his No.27 Honda. Here is a refresher of how qualifying works and a look at the running order.

10:58 ET - Get in touch

It is Archie O'Reilly with you for this first hour. You can find me on Instagram and X at @archieoreilly_!

10:50 ET - Welcome to our coverage

We are 10 minutes away from the opening day of qualifying getting underway for the 108th Running of the Indianapolis 500. Positions 13 through 30 will be confirmed today, with the slowest four of the 34 runners returning tomorrow to try and make it into the field of 33, plus the fastest 12 returning for Sunday's pole shootout.


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