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LIVE: Saudi Arabia Missile Strike - What we know so far

The FP2 session in Saudi Arabia was delayed due to a nearby missile strike. here's what we know so far:

On the Evening of the 25th March 2022, the Aramco factory near the Jeddah Formula 1 Circuit was seen in a plume of smoke after a suspected missile strike.

Just after 5pm GMT, the Iranian backed Yemeni Houthi rebels claimed the attack as theirs, continuing a series of strikes that have scarred the country across the last few years.

FP2 got underway 15 minutes late, at 20:15 local time, after an emergency meeting was called to discuss the strikes, the result of which is currently unclear.

This is the second controversy surrounding this years Grand Prix, as the execution of 81 earlier in the month has also raised concerns about whether the race is ethical.

Live updates will follow

17:28 - We can confirm that there will be another meeting among F1 officials at 22:00 local time discussing the developing situation

17:31 - The fire has still not been contained at the Jeddah Oil Refinery despite several hours since the attack

17:37 - "We feel safe" F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali

17:40 - "Life in Jeddah continues in a normal way. [F1] ... Continues" - Saeed Aladwany

26/03/2022 - Following an extensive meeting containing all the drivers, it appears the race will go ahead.


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