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LIVE: Spa 24 Hours Updates - Rossi Finishes 6th

Written and Updated by Owen Bradley

Credit: Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe

The Greatest GT Race in the world, the 24 Hours of Spa 2023 - with a star-studded grid, the likes of 9-Time MotoGP World Champion, Valentino Rossi is racing in this historic event. Can Ferrari take victory at another major endurance race? or will the BMW's and Mercedes cars close the gap?

All times in this article, will be in British Summer Time (BST)

A Special Thanks to everyone who shared and viewed our live article, with multiple hundreds of views, I want to thank everyone for following us! have a great weekend and see you soon with other articles!

Spa 24 Hours 2023

15:30 - SPA 24 HOURS 2023 FINAL RESULTS - TOP 10

  1. Philipp Eng #98 Rowe Racing BMW - PRO SERIES WINNER

  2. Jules Gounon #88 Mercedes

  3. Thiim #17 Audi

  4. Kevin Estre #92 Porsche

  5. Preining #96 Porsche

  6. Maxime Martin #46 WRT BMW (Rossi)

  7. Haase #11 Audi

  8. Feller #40 Audi

  9. Schiller #777 Mercedes

  10. MacDonald #5 McLaren - GOLD CUP WINNER

15:21 - 9 Minutes Remaining

15:03 - Kevin Estre #92 Porsche loses positions

Kevin Estre and the #92 Porsche team made a bold move into the former corner known as "No Name" and unfortunately just overstepped the mark and ended up in the gravel. the Top 6 all battling for these final podium positions with less than 25 minutes to go.

14:50 - Final Pit Stops

The Final pit stops have now happened, with Eng #98 BMW Rowe Racing leading the way, by 20 seconds to Jules Gounon in the #88 Mercedes. Valentino Rossi's team, the #46 BMW currently run in P6 and closing in on the Top 5 with half an hour to go.


As this race truly enters it's final hour, and subsequently it's final stage, this is your running order:

  1. Martin #46 BMW WRT

  2. Eng #98 BMW

  3. Vervisch #11 Audi

  4. Gounon #88 Mercedes

  5. Thiim #17 Audi

14:12 - #46 within leading pack

Maxime Martin has put in an extraordinary stint, and has cut down a monumental 27-second gap, to just 3 seconds. the final hour of this race is imminent, with a lot of cars looking like they will challenge for the podium positions.

14:00 - Race Unfolds with field closing up

With traffic obstructing some of the leading cars, the entire field is beginning to close together in the Top 10. Rain may perhaps come into play, but for now the race is currently entering the beginning of the final stage.

13:39 - Maxime Martin #46 Pits

The Rowe Racing #98 of Eng, leads the way as the #46 finally comes into the pit lane and has come out in P8. with just under 2 hours left, can the VR46 make the podium positions?


With just 2 hours remaining, your running order is now:

  1. Maxime Martin #46 WRT BMW (Rossi)

  2. Vervisch #11 Audi

  3. Eng #98 BMW

  4. Heinrich #96 Porsche

  5. Gounon #88 Mercedes

13:24 - Leaders pit as pace settles in

With all the leaders coming into the pit lane, strategies are being split as some continue to push on, and others have got enough fuel to last a number of more laps. just over 2 hours remain, and the Top 10 is split by around 40 seconds.

12:57 - Valentino Rossi BMW #46 UPDATE

With 2.5 hours remaining, Maxime Martin has jumped in the car. it is expected that Valentino Rossi may well finish this race in the final hour, but Martin has been the quickest driver in this team. Martin is closing the gap to the leaders, as he works very hard to push that BMW back inside the top positions for podium contention. They currently sit in 7th place, 22 seconds away from the car in front, but once they reach that car - they're firmly inside the leading pack.

12:42 - The Net Leader catches the actual leader

As Marco Wittmann closes in on Luca Stolz for the race lead, Stolz is overtaken by the BMW at Blanchimont after holding him up for the better part of two laps.

12:37 - Leaders Pit and separated by less than 10 seconds

With these being our final couple of driver changes and pit stops, the race is really settling into it's final stages as we have less than 3 hours remaining in this race. the leaders pit, as Stolz of the #777 Mercedes temporarily leads the way.


Pit Stops galore and so much more, overtakes and pit strategies split by Safety Cars. we're now into the final three hours of this race. your Top 5 is:

  1. Wittmann #98 Rowe Racing BMW

  2. Feller #40 Audi

  3. Farfus #46 BMW WRT

  4. Haase #11 Audi

  5. Stolz #777 Mercedes

12:26 - Marciello Overtakes the Audi's

After a pit strategy masterclass, Marciello aboard the #88 Mercedes, has managed to now jump the two Audi's, as the leaders begin to take their pit stops.

12:22 - Marciello Undercuts the Audi's

Marciello has come into the pits for one of the final few pit stops in this race, in the hopes of undercutting the scrapping Audi cars of K. Van Der Linde and Ricardo Feller.

11:50 - Audi Civil War

The two Audi's in 2nd and 3rd position are really battling it out, trading paintwork as they touch heading into the hairpin. a great battle between these two, as our leading BMW continues to pull out a gap.

11:46 - GREEN FLAG

We're back running once again at Spa, with just 7 cars on the lead lap, Rossi and the #46 BMW WRT are among them.

11:32 - Safety Car Deployed

A Safety Car which will delight many teams on the pit wall, has now been deployed. among these teams, is the #46 WRT BMW of Valentino Rossi, who will now be able to unlap themselves and get back on the lead lap, throwing them right back into contention in this race.


A great hour of racing and pit stop strategies has unfolded here at Spa, but a Safety Car being brought out will once again spice up this race, so stay tuned for the final four hours. your Top 5 is:

  1. Wittmann #98 Rowe Racing BMW

  2. K. Van Der Linde #17 Audi

  3. Feller #40 Audi

  4. Olsen #96 Porsche

  5. Marciello #88 Mercedes

11:25 - Full Course Yellow

With one of the WRT BMW's stopped on the entrance to Sector 3, a Full Course Yellow has come out, and all of our leaders have now pitted once again.

Hours 6am-11am Update

After another long safety car period, our writer decided to sleep. but we are back here for the Spa 24 Hours.

06:06 - Battle of the Pack

every car from 2nd to 13th are all locked into battle, as Drudi sails off into the sunset with just over 9 hours left.

06:00 - CONTACT

Luca Stolz makes contact with Engelhart's Porsche and sends him tumbling down the order after spinning him at Turn 1. Drudi now takes the lead of the race.

06:00 - GREEN FLAG

We're back racing with under 10 hours remaining now.

05:41 - 8th Safety Car Deployed

After this incident that initially was supposed to be brief, it has been upgraded to a Safety Car. The field bunches up again.

05:35 - Leaders Pit under Yellows

Wittmann and the #98 BMW team come into the pits, along with the #46 WRT BMW of Rossi/Martin/Farfus.

05:33 - Full Course Yellow

Brief Full Course Yellow as the #54 car gets beached in the gravel on entry to Sector 3.


An eventful hour of racing after 2 hours with no racing really did make up for it, much action and drama with our current running Top 5 as follows:

  1. Drudi #40 Audi

  2. Engelhart #54 Porsche

  3. Wittmann #98 BMW

  4. K. Van Der Linde #17 Audi

  5. Boguslavskiy #88 Mercedes

05:17 - The Leaders pit

most of the leaders are now making their stops, with the Porsche cars leading the way with just over 10 hours remaining.

05:09 - Farfus pits #46

Augusto Farfus ends his stint, and potentially even his final stint in this race, after spending most of it behind the safety car. Farfus did a great job in getting the team into the Top 3, and now WRT have put their fastest of the three drivers in the #46 car. Maxime Martin takes over the #46 and will be looking to have a very strong final 10 hours here.

05:04 - Yelloly and Kelvin Van Der Linde pit

temporary leaders, Yelloly and K. Van Der Linde come into the pits, which gives the official lead of the race to the #46 Valentino Rossi car.

04:45 - #46 Given 10-Second Penalty over 3 hours after initial incident

During the early hours of the morning, Rossi had a particularly hairy moment where it seemed that he had an unsafe release. over 3 hours later, the stewards have decided to give the #46 car a 10-second penalty. This will likely drop the #46 Rossi team from 3rd, to outside the Top 10.

04:41 - GREEN FLAG

Safety Car in after 2 Hours - Let's go Racing!!!

04:38 - Marciello Pits just as Safety Car is about to come in.

Marciello and the #88 Mercedes has seemingly made a pit stop error, because they have pitted during the safety car restart, rather than during the Full Course Yellow, and the car sinks down the order.


We're currently still under Safety Car conditions, but we are about to get going again shortly. here is your Top 5:

  1. Marciello #88 Mercedes

  2. Yelloly #98 BMW

  3. Engstler #17 Audi

  4. Farfus #46 BMW (Rossi)

  5. Ferrari #87 Mercedes


After barrier repairs started because of a major crash wiping out two leading BMW's, our order has been shaken up in a big way. cars came in to do their mandatory technical pitstop, leaving our official order like this after pit stops:

  1. Feller #40 Audi

  2. Marciello #88 Mercedes

  3. Andlauer #92 Porsche

  4. Heinrich #96 Porsche

  5. Yelloly #98 BMW

  6. Farfus #46 BMW

We are still under yellows at Spa.

03:00 - Marciello Pits but NOT for Technical Stop

Marciello has pitted under Full Course Yellow, but crucially not for his mandatory technical pit stop. Yellow flag running is still ongoing.

02:47 - Guardrail Repair time: 1 Hour

Barrier repairs are taking place, and this will now mean that we will be locked in either yellows, safety cars or potentially a red flag for the next hour or more.

02:44 - Guardrails on the outside of the Kemmel straight being reviewed

After this huge accident, the guardrails on both sides of the kemmel straight are now being repaired, Safety Car will likely be deployed soon.

02:37 - Rossi pits for mandatory technical brake change as leaders collide and DNF

Valentino Rossi has come into the pit lane, and hands the car over to Augusto Farfus and the team has taken the car into the garage for a mandatory technical pit stop. Marciello, who currently leads the race, will need to pit within the next 10 minutes, and has a technical pit stop to perform as well therefore meaning he may forfeit the race lead at the end of this hour, potentially to none other than Valentino Rossi.

02:35 - MAJOR CRASH - Safety Car Deployed

Charles Weerts and the WRT BMW #32 has come together on the Kemmel straight and is set to DNF, the other car is the #998 Rowe Racing driven by Neil Verhagen. Both cars will DNF after being among the favourites to win this race.


A recent Safety Car will likely change this order, but the current order is:

  1. Marciello #88 Mercedes

  2. Eng #98 Rowe Racing BMW

  3. Andlauer #92 Porsche

  4. Heinrich #96 Porsche

  5. Weerts #32 BMW

  6. Verhagen #998 BMW

  7. Feller #40 Audi

  8. Engstler #17 Audi

  9. Auer #777 Mercedes

  10. Rossi #46 BMW

02:26 - GREEN FLAG

After yet another safety car, the GT Pro category is ready to get ultra competitive as we near the halfway mark of the race. more pit stops to come, as people prepare their strategies for the second half of this race.

02:16 - Safety Car Deployed

After the #4 Mercedes of Colin Braun got beached in the gravel exiting Sector 2, a Full Course Yellow has now been upgraded to a full Safety Car, bunching up the field yet again. Valentino Rossi currently sits in P7, with a few other BMW's just ahead of him and ready to make a cut through the field.

02:11 - Full Course Yellow

Colin Braun of the #4 spun out and got beached in the gravel at the end of Sector 2, bringing out the Full Course Yellow and bringing in a lot of cars to the pit lane. none of the leaders decided to put however, as it should be a short Full Course Yellow.

01:43 - Pit Stops Galore Part Four (rhythmic edition)

As everyone inside the Top Eleven, come into the pits, Dries Vanthoor and the #32 BMW will jump everyone as they had already pitted. Valentino Rossi now sits in net 6th place, and has lost a few positions after a pit stop problem with the lolly pop, but is still making excellent progress.

01:39 - D.Vanthoor and BMW #32 Pit

Dries Vanthoor comes in for a very brief top up on fuel, as WRT want to split their strategies and seem to be taking a more unconventional strategy at this point in the race.


Things have settled back in since our last Safety Car Period, with very little action to completely talk about, here is your Top 8

  1. Eng #98 Rowe Racing BMW

  2. Thiim #17 Scherer Sport Audi

  3. Hesse #998 Rowe Racing BMW

  4. D. Vanthoor #32 WRT BMW

  5. Gounon #88 Akkodis Mercedes

  6. Marschall #40 Audi Sport Audi

  7. Schiller #777 Mercedes

  8. Rossi #46 WRT BMW

01:07 - Porsche Pit, that's about it

Our leaders, the #92 Porsche team, have come into the pits as well as the other Porsche car, meaning that it's a BMW 1-2, with four BMW's inside the Top 8.

00:48 - GREEN FLAG

After another Safety Car period, we're back racing again!

00:40 - Valentino Rossi RETURNS to his car, Rossi Driving

Maxime Martin finished his stint, returning the #46 BMW to a brilliant 6th position, and now Valentino Rossi drives the car.

00:37 - Safety Car Deployed

After running wide at Turn 8, two cars have run into each other, and sprayed a lot of gravel all over the racing line. a Safety Car has been deployed, and will bunch everybody up once again.

00:32 - Full Course Yellow

Safety Car is imminent, but for now is kept to a Full Course Yellow because a large amount of gravel has been kicked up onto the circuit, making it near undriveable in the beginning of Sector 2.


With some Safety Cars, confusing strategy calls and much action, this is your Top 6:

  1. Estre #92 Porsche

  2. D. Vanthoor #32 BMW

  3. Eng #98 BMW

  4. Hesse #998 BMW

  5. Thiim #17 Audi

  6. Martin #46 BMW


Kevin Estre's Porsche #92 has overtaken the leaders, #32 BMW WRT's Sheldon Van Der Linde for the lead of the race.

00:19 - GREEN FLAG

We're back racing once again!

00:13 - Valentino Rossi and WRT #46 UPDATE

Currently, Maxime Martin is behind the wheel of the #46 BMW and will be handing over to either Rossi himself, or Augusto Farfus. They are now legitimately running in 6th position, and have been trying to recover from starting in 21st place on the grid, and a few incidents and penalties throughout this race. with a safety car out leading the way, we now have the #46 legitimately challenging for the podium positions.

00:07 - Who you gonna call? Safety Car (Deployed)

A Safety Car will once again, bunch this field up and give us another great chance of racing action, after a slow yet unavoidable three-way car crash.

23:58 - Pit Stops, Pit Stops and more Pit Stops

As a Safety Car seems imminent, most of the Top 15 have come into the pits, including our leaders and also the #46 BMW of Rossi/Martin/Farfus.

23:54 - Full Course Yellow

Seemingly a 3-car crash has occurred, which has brought out a Full Course Yellow, and potentially another Safety Car which would once again, bunch this field right up. the darkness is seemingly starting to throw some drivers off with braking points now.

23:39 - Pit Stop Strategy Confusion

With many cars pitting before the latest Safety Car period, it has led to some confusion as to how much fuel some people are running, as now we've got some other leaders coming into the pits. the Top 15 drivers are still well in contention for this race.


A great bit of energy was infused into this race after the safety car, with the Van Der Linde brothers battling each other for the lead, and other cars remaining within fighting distance. your order is:

  1. Maxime Martin #46 BMW WRT

  2. Engelhart #87 Mercedes

  3. Engel #999 Mercedes

  4. S. Van Der Linde #32 BMW

  5. Estre #92 Porsche

23:28 - #63 Jordan Pepper car retirement

Lamborghini #63 has ended it's terrible bad luck by choosing to retire the car.

23:25 - Leaders Pit

As the Leaders box, Maxime Martin (who pitted under safety car not too long ago) is now running inside the podium positions for #46 BMW WRT, which Valentino Rossi will drive in a few hours. Martin also pits, and is currently running in a very good Top 10, after starting 21st and not even reaching half distance yet.

23:05 - Drive Through Penalty for #90

A Drive Through Penalty for the #90 which caused that incident and gave both cars heavy damage.

22:45 - Crash for #2 and #90

Unfortunately for both the #2 and #10, they both pick up major damage on their tyre axels and rims after a collision between the two at some serious speed.

22:40 - GREEN FLAG

Green Flag running once again, the race is set to have a thrilling revival under the lights here in Spa.


With the Safety Car being deployed after the Iron Dames had a spin at Blanchimont and couldn't get the car restarted, it has shifted the running order ever so slightly, the Top 5 is now:

  1. Kelvin Van Der Linde #17 Audi

  2. Sheldon Van Der Linde #32 BMW WRT

  3. Boguslavskiy #88 Mercedes

  4. Harper #998 BMW Rowe Racing

  5. Vanthoor #92 Porsche

Racing is about to resume, and many drivers and teams have been given another shot at gaining positions.

22:26 - Safety Car Deployed

The Iron Dames had a spin at Blanchimont corner which has now brought out a Full Course Yellow, and is now upgraded to a Safety Car. The field is going to bunch up now, as Maxime Martin's #46 BMW just about managed to get a pit stop in before the pit lane closed. Field will bunch, as we get another soft restart to this race. things are going to heat up once again, and drivers and teams now have another chance. Valentino Rossi and the #46 team will be hoping to make the most of this, having recently refuelled and being given a potential wave-around to be on the lead lap.

22:21 - Leader Pits and Lead Change

#32 BMW Sheldon Van Der Linde has come into the pits, with his brother Kelvin catching up, in the Audi and subsequently overtaking his brother for the lead.

22:16 - Full Course Yellow (Potential Safety Car)

With many off the lead lap, they will be hoping for a safety car wave-around with this Iron Dames incident at Blanchimont corner which has brought out the Full Course Yellow.

22:10 - Iron Dames take on Iron Shames

Unfortunately for the Iron Dames team, they've brought out the yellow flags in Sector 3 after spinning into a tyre barrier at Turn 17.

22:02 - Another Round of Stops, on me!

More Pit Stops for the drivers in P2 and P3, with the #88 Mercedes of Boguslavskiy and the #17 Audi of Kelvin Van Der Linde coming in, along with Augusto Farfus for the #46 BMW WRT Team, handing that car back to the man who started the race, Maxime Martin.

21:36 - #92 Porsche Pits with Suspected Issue along with the #98 Rowe Racing BMW

The old leaders of this race, the #92 Porsche team seem to have picked up an issue somewhere, as they come into the pit lane for what seems like an unplanned stop. Joining them is the #98 Rowe Racing BMW, which had only been on track for 23 minutes since the last stop.


As drivers have begun their night time stints, the race has greatly settled with little to no incidents throughout this hour, and clean aggressive moves throughout. The Top 5 is:

  1. Weerts #32 BMW

  2. Engstler #17 Audi

  3. Marciello #88 Mercedes

  4. Verhagen #998 BMW

  5. Andlauer #92 Porsche

21:26 - Rubbing is Racing for #98 Rowe Racing BMW and #777 Mercedes Benz

Nick Yelloly and Lucas Auer had some contact when Yelloly made a move into the hairpin and bumped doors.

21:24 - Track Limits penalties

Track Limits penalties for multiple cars, with the #777 Mercedes currently running in P8 among them and picking up a 30-Second penalty.

20:56 - Pit Stops Galore #3

It's Pit Stops galore once again, with all the leaders coming into the pit lane for driver changes and refuelling. we're about to see the leading car serve their 30-second penalty and there will most definitely be a lead change, but it will be between the #32 BMW of WRT, versus the #17 Audi.

20:53 - Charles Weerts of the #32 WRT BMW closes in on Net Lead

With the 30-second penalty of the #92 Porsche, and the #32 Charles Weerts car closing in on the #17 Audi, this battle will be for the lead of the race, as the #92 Porsche lead car has a 30-Second penalty, with just a lead of 10 seconds.

20:42 - Car #40 given a 30-Second Penalty for track limits

Ricardo Feller of the #40 Audi, is among another car to be given a track limits penalty, which could drop them outside the Top 10.

20:32 - Leader #92 Porsche 30 Second - Penalty

A Huge blow to the leaders, who have picked up a 30-second penalty for abusing track limits.


A huge battle between the two leaders, and a race which continues to settle down.

Your Top 5 are:

  1. Andlauer #92 Porsche

  2. Engstler #17 Audi

  3. Weerts #32 BMW

  4. Feller #40 Audi

  5. Verhagen #998 BMW


The Porsche #92 has finally overtaken the Audi #17 after spending hours battling each other.

20:09 - The Leaders Battle Again!

The #92 Porsche driven by Andlauer is now once again locked in battle with Engstler and the #17 Audi squad.

20:03 - Rossi Interview

"Very difficult stint as I was losing grip and we lost a little bit of time. Unfortunately I also touched my teammate, I say sorry and it was very unfortunate. We'll see about the night time and what Augusto can do, but it's a long race and we're running in a good position."

19:52 - Leaders Pit + Rossi gets out of the car

The Top 10 is about to have some major changes, as the leaders come into the pit lane. Antonio Fuoco stays out and takes the lead of the race. Valentino Rossi has come out of the BMW #46 giving the car to Augusto Farfus, who will take the team through the transitional period of this race.

19:50 - Lights On, Nights On

As the track now begins to get darker and darker and loses light, drivers are entering one of the most tricky periods of the race.

19:44 - Battle for the Lead

Kevin Estre of the Porsche #92 team begins to pile on the pressure and battles Thim and the #17 Audi team for the lead of the race after over 4 hours run in this race already.

19:37 - Track Limits Penalties

Many cars are beginning to pick up Track Limits penalties, and among those is Valentino Rossi of the #46 BMW WRT squad.


A more quiet hour of racing, as the cars begin to settle into a groove. Your Top 10 is:

  1. Thim #17 Audi

  2. Estre #92 Porsche

  3. Vanthoor #32 BMW

  4. Marshall #40 Audi

  5. Gounon #88 Mercedes

  6. Hesse #998 BMW

  7. Schiller #777 Mercedes

  8. Prette #188 McLaren

  9. Heinrich #96 Porsche

  10. Rossi #46 BMW

19:16 - #31 BMW WRT Adam Carroll gets a puncture

Slow moving #31 BMW has picked up a puncture on the kemmel straight, and is now crawling around the track trying not to pick up damage on the rim where the tyre sits.

19:08 - Full Course Yellow - Then back to GREEN

The McLaren had been slowly making its way around the circuit, but it gets about 15-20 seconds of power, and then system reboots which means it is absolutely crawling around the circuit. it has now been hooked on a recovery vehicle, and is being taken to an access point, which likely will bring that team's day to an end

18:56 - McLaren stopped on the corner entry to Pouhon

A McLaren has come to a halt at Pouhon, which has brought out the yellows in Sector 2. A Full Course Yellow or Safety Car might come back into play once again in the opening hours of this race.

18:45 - Pit Stops Galore #2

With many cars heading for the pits, including everyone inside the Top 11, the pit lane is exceptionally busy.

18:44 - Rossi has made contact with a teammate

Heading into the bus stop chicane, Rossi made contact with his teammate, which sent the other BMW spinning around, which may well end up with Rossi being penalised.


After a Safety Car period added some drama, here is your Top 5

  1. Thim #17 Audi

  2. Estre #92 Porsche

  3. Marshall #40 Audi

  4. Ramos #188 McLaren

  5. Boguslavskiy #88 Mercedes

18:19 - Dries Vanthoor #32 BMW finally gets past Hutchinson's Audi

After Valentino Rossi had been trying to get past the Audi driver for a fairly long time, the two WRT BMW's have switched around and Dries Vanthoor has managed to pass the Audi, with Rossi trying to follow him through, and running out into some gravel and losing another couple of places.

18:11 - #92 Porsche gets a 10-Second penalty

The #92 Porsche of Kevin Estre has picked up a 10-second penalty for causing a collision at Turn 1, which sent another car spinning around.

18:08 - Valentino Rossi and the BMW's making Great progress

The BMW's seem to be making excellent progress from the safety car restart, with Rossi already making it into P9, and challenging the Audi #12's Hutchinson for P8.

18:03 - Safety Car in this Lap

After a fairly lengthy period behind the safety car, we're about to be Green Flag running once again.

17:49 - Safety Car Deployed

The anticipated Safety Car has now been deployed, which will bunch up the entire field and act as a soft restart for this race, with many cars and drivers having only just got in their cars, it's going to be an action-packed Safety Car restart.

17:42 - Valentino Rossi is Racing!

During the pit stops under a Full Course Yellow, Valentino Rossi has jumped into his #46 BMW, and now sits within the Top 10 legitimately, and is expected to be doing a double stint.

17:41 - Pit Stops galore

Almost every car inside the Top 20 has come into the pits and has therefore given them track position, which means that the #46 Rossi car, is now inside the Top 10 after starting in P21 just a couple of hours ago.

17:38 - Full Course Yellow

A Mercedes has spun into Pouhon, and is beached in the gravel which has brought out a Full Course Yellow, and also gives the leaders an advantage as they pit under yellows. a Safety Car is expected to be deployed as well


With more mistakes coming into play and pit stop strategies working their way into this race, it's been more of a chaotic race in this second hour of full green flag running. your Top 5 is currently:

  1. Drudi #40 Audi

  2. K. Van Der Linde #17 Audi

  3. L Vanthoor #92 Porsche

  4. Chaves #188 McLaren

  5. Fagg #5 McLaren

17:25 - #46 BMW closes on the leaders

With Valentino Rossi about to jump into the car, Maxime Martin has done a stellar job to go from P21, to P12 as we come into the pit stop window where Rossi will most likely take over.

17:22 - #20 Porsche Penalised for Short Fuelling

The #20 Porsche, who had been right in the Top 3 and one of the major challengers for victory, has picked up a penalty which will drop them further back into the field.

17:21 - #51 Ferrari puncture and loses huge chunk of time

Rovera's #51 Ferrari has picked up a puncture and loses a lot of time, closing the field right up once again.

17:07 - Positions 12-20 in a heated battle

With the BMW's tripping over each other, a huge train of cars are all battling each other for position, the car who came out on top is Maxime Martin's #46 BMW, as he climbs the pack, now into P14. Rowe Racing's BMW is steadily climbing the field too, currently in P17.

16:53 - Jordan Pepper leads and comes into the pits - MAJOR PROBLEM

Leader, Jordan Pepper in the #63 Lamborghini, has come into the pits, giving the lead back to the #20 Porsche of Fittje. The #63 is rolled back into the garage, which suggests major problems for one of our main protagonists of this race.

16:47 - Gerhard Watzinger Spins twice in two laps

Gerhard Watzinger in the #70 Lamborghini is beginning to have a wretched day, as he spins twice within two laps, and makes contact with the #46 BMW of Maxime Martin and Valentino Rossi.

16:36 - Pit Stops

Many cars are beginning to make their first pit stops, with some drivers doing double stints, and others staying out. Maro Engel holds the fastest lap of the race in his #999 Mercedes, and closes in on the podium positions.


Much of the first hour was spent behind the safety car, and so there was not too much racing action, however the leaders have begun to pull away. your Top 5 is as follows:

  1. Cairoli #20 Porsche

  2. Rovera #51 Ferrari

  3. Pepper #63 Lamborghini

  4. Engel #999 Mercedes

  5. Serra #71 Ferrari

16:20 - The BMW's Chase as Wet weather closes in

The BMW's, led by Maxime Martin in the #46 Rossi car, begins to close in on the leaders, currently sitting in P16 with other all the other BMW's right behind, working together to close that gap down. Meanwhile, the weather report says that rain is inbound.

15:53 - GREEN FLAG

Maxime Martin of the #46 BMW team, has managed to make up a place already, as the field begins to spread out.

15:50pm - Safety Car in this Lap

After over 20 minutes of Safety Car running to open the 2023 24 Hours, we're about to get racing at Spa.

15:39pm - Kyle Washington #132 crashes under safety car

Kyle Washington's #132 car has major damage on the front of the car, and will need to be recovered by the marshals, meaning we are under safety car for an extended period.

15:30pm - Race To Begin Under Safety Car




Wonder if you have woken up yet after this marathon effort. I once watched the Le Mans 24hrs on TV with all of the darkness hours only accompanied by a box of red wine, which isn't helpful for staying was on Eurosport with maybe 3 live camera's which was hilarious looking back, you would have seen more staring into saw either headlights or darkness, Martin Haven and back then probaby, Andrew Marriot, deserved a medal for commentating through the night.

Good effort staying awake for this 24hr event, brilliant updates and even more credit to you for wanting to do it 🙂.


Just about woke up! cans of Monster Energy VR46 edition is exactly what got me through the night haha. Interesting to hear that Martin Haven was commentating on that Le Mans 24 Hours race from back then, and commentated on this event too! that legend seems to never miss a beat.

Thanks for the kind words as well!

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