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LIVE: WEC 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps - Race Extended by 2 Hours

Written and Updated by Owen Bradley

Credit: James Moy

The World Endurance Championship (WEC) returns to the beautiful countryside of Spa-Francorchamps for the 6-Hour endurance race. A star-studded grid with the likes of Motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi, 2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button, Mick Schumacher, Daniil Kvyat and many others who have raced at the top level in other classes.

All timings will be in UK's BST.

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Current Track Condition - CHEQUERED FLAG

LIVE - WEC 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps



1st #12 Porsche Hertz Team Jota

2nd #6 Porsche Penske Motorsport

3rd #50 Ferrari

4th #51 Ferrari

5th #99 Porsche Proton Competition


1st #91 Porsche Manthey EMA

2nd #92 Porsche Manthey Pure X Racing

3rd #60 Lamborghini Iron Lynx

4th #85 Lamborghini Iron Dames

5th #59 McLaren United Autosports

19:56 - #91 Porsche WIN the LMGT3 class 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps for Manthey EMA

19:55 - Callum Ilott #12 WINS the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps for Hertz Team Jota

19:54 - #92 Porsche LMGT3 seizes the lead of LMGT3 on the final lap, a struggle for fuel might bring the #60 Iron Lynx back into the race.

19:53 - FINAL LAP

19:50 - The Iron Lynx #60 Lamborghini leaders of LMGT3 now have to pit for fuel in these final 5 minutes, late race drama for the LMGT3 win.

19:48 - The Iron Dames #85 Lamborghini come back into the pits for their final stop for a splash and dash of fuel, falling from the podium.

19:47 - #88 Ford - 5-SECOND PENALTY for an Unsafe release.

19:44 - 10 MINUTES REMAINING, Callum Ilott #12 Porsche leads Hypercar

19:42 - 5-SECOND PENALTY FOR #7 TOYOTA for hitting the Iron Dames #85 Lamborghini.

19:40 - #99 Porsche makes a late overtake on the #7 Toyota for 5th place, Kobayashi seemingly struggling with tyre grip towards the end of this race.

19:37 - LMGT3 Lead change, as the #60 Iron Lynx manage to get up the inside of the #59 McLaren.

19:29 - The #93 Peugeot manages to get past the #35 Alpine for 9th place, the Alpine hoping to score points after a difficult start to the season.

19:27 - The #7 Toyota gets caught out by LMGT3 traffic down the kemmel straight, the #51 Ferrari does manage to overtake the Toyota after battling for a few laps.

19:23 - #51 Ferrari with fresh tyres that are now in optimal conditions, hounds the #7 Toyota of Kobayashi and Pier Guidi battling for fourth place.

19:21 - #50 Ferrari and the #7 Toyota come in for their final pit stops, Porsche #12 lead the way over the #6 Porsche with just half an hour remaining.

19:13 - Fresh tyres for the #12 Porsche leaders, with just 40 minutes remaining, another pit stop for tyres could cost them the lead. Although, the #50 Ferrari in second will need to pit again.

19:03 - Kamui Kobayashi in the #7 Toyota hits the #85 Lamborghini of the Iron Dames, the #51 Ferrari also clipping the rear of the Toyota, with damage to all three cars.

19:00 - Late race drama for the Iron Dames #85 Lamborghini, a problem in the pit stops led to the #88 Ford getting out of the pit box faster than the Dames, who lost multiple seconds from that pit stop issue.

18:58 - Final pit stops for the LMGT3 class, the #59 McLaren make their final stop in the fight for the podium during the final hour.


18:52 - Robert Schwartzman #83 Ferrari managed to dive up the inside of the #93 Peugeot at Turn 9 for 10th place, the Peugeot's having a slightly difficult time.

18:47 - 30-SECOND STOP and GO PENALTY for the #15 BMW Dries Vanthoor

18:44 - Battle for 3rd place between the #50 Ferrari, #7 Toyota driven by Kamui Kobayashi and the #51 Ferrari who have recovered quickly after making a pit stop earlier on.

18:41 - #99 Porsche manages to overtake the #35 Alpine for 7th place at Eau Rouge

18:31 - Battle for the Hypercar lead between the #12 Porsche driven by Callum Ilott and #6 Porsche's Kevin Estre. The pair separated by just under a second.

18:27 - The #51 Ferrari comes back into the pits for a full refuel, with the sister #50 Ferrari and #7 Toyota also needing to make stops soon. Porsche #12 will be the provisional race leaders.

18:26 - GREEN FLAG

18:16 - The #12 Porsche and #6 Porsche both have nearly full tanks of fuel, they overtake the #51 Ferrari under Safety Car conditions.

18:15 - #51 Ferrari comes into the pits under Safety Car conditions, ceasing track position to the #50 Ferrari, as the other #83 Ferrari AF Corse comes in and refuels as well.

18:11 - Drivers will need to refuel soon, with the pack bunched up and without any cars at full racing speed for over an hour, it might be a chaotic ending to the 6 Hours of Spa.

18:11 - SAFETY CAR

18:06 - 5-MINUTE BOARD

18:02 - Drivers are finally back in their cars, the race being extended news has been welcomed by the 88,000 fans that the WEC has seen at the circuit this year at Spa, a complete change from the Formula One race in 2021 which still haunts the memories of Formula One fans.


17:55 - 15 MINUTES BOARD - Race WILL Resume


17:50 - The race is unlikely to restart, with just 10 minutes remaining and the cars all stationary, your Hypercar winners are likely to be the #51 Ferrari team.

17:46 - A look at the huge crash between the #31 BMW LMGT3, #2 Cadillac Hypercar and #99 Porsche Hypercar:

17:33 - With the debris cleared, the reason that we are still under red flag conditions is because there are barrier replacements for the barrier which the #31 BMW LMGT3 speared into.

17:28 - Still under Red Flag conditions with around half an hour remaining, it is currently unclear when the race will be restarted.

17:19 - 88,000 spectators at the circuit across the weekend, high numbers which represent the positivity of the World Endurance Championship in 2024.

17:07 - Cars will be allowed to change tyres due to running over debris, however they will not be able to refuel. There will still therefore be a final pit stop for most if not all cars. We remain under red flag conditions.

17:00 - ONE HOUR REMAINING - Red Flag Conditions

16:41 - Another barrier replacement down the kemmel straight on the run in to Turn 5 after the huge shunt between the #31 BMW LMGT3, #2 Cadillac Hypercar and #99 Porsche Hypercar.

16:30 - With the red flag still prominent, and just 90 minutes remaining - your current Top 5 in each class are:


1st #51 Ferrari, Alessandro Pier Guidi

2nd #50 Ferrari, Antonio Fuoco

3rd #99 Porsche, Neel Jani

4th #83 Ferrari, Yifei Ye

5th #7 Toyota, Nyck De Vries


1st #91 Porsche, Manthey Ema

2nd #27 Aston Martin, Daniel Mancinelli

3rd #55 Ferrari, Simon Mann

4th #777 Aston Martin, Erwan Bastard

5th #85 Lamborghini, Michelle Gatting

16:17 - Team WRT #31 joins their sister #46 car in retirement, both cars the victim of two Hypercars coming together.

16:13 - Earl Bamber #2 Cadillac went airborne down the straight, the driver has been reported as being fine.

16:13 - RED FLAG

16:12 - A huge collision down the kemmel straight involving WRT's #31 BMW LMGT3 and the #2 Cadillac which tried to overtake the #99 Porsche

16:12 - SAFETY CAR

16:10 - #83 Ferrari overtakes the #12 Porsche of Callum Ilott for 5th place.

16:08- #99 Porsche has a big lock-up at Turn 5, with the #2 Cadillac breathing down the neck of the Porsche for the final podium place, as we come into the final third of this race.

16:05 - Car #50 Ferrari has received a reprimand for their technical infringement, however this reprimand will not affect the race result.

16:03 - #36 Alpine makes some progress, a big battle between positions 7-10 involving three different manufacturers.


15:58 - Race leading #50 Ferrari under investigation for technical infringement.

15:54 - #83 Ferrari AF Corse manages to overtake the #8 Toyota for 7th place. Mick Schumacher in the #36 Alpine also closes in on the pair for 7th, Schumacher currently running in 9th with hope for Alpine #36 to score their first points of the championship.

15:51 - #50 Ferrari and the #99 Porsche nearly collide with the #777 Aston Martin LMGT3 traffic, with this battle continuing, the #2 Cadillac is also closing on the pair.

15:50 - #50 Ferrari battles with the #99 Porsche for 2nd place, the #99 Porsche stays in front, as the #50 Ferrari tries to make another overtake at Turn 5.

15:45 - #31 BMW and the #92 Porsche LMGT3 battle away in the first half of the lap, making a bit of contact through turns 5 and 6. The #92 Porsche just comes out ahead.

15:42 - #91 Porsche overtakes the #59 McLaren for the lead of the LMGT3 class through Sector 2, as the #777 Aston Martin battles the #78 Lexus for 8th place in LMGT3.

15:35 - #83 Ferrari has been given a 5-second penalty to serve at their next stop.


15:30 - #85 Iron Dames lose a place to the #91 Porsche, contact made between the pair at Turn 5 sent the Porsche just over the kerbs on the inside of Turn 6 and eventually in front of the #85 Iron Dames.

15:26 - Mick Schumacher now driving the #36 Alpine, the team managing to find themselves inside the Top 10, overall a more positive weekend so far for Alpine.

15:20 - 5-Second penalty for #20 BMW for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

15:18 - #2 Cadillac overtakes the #6 Porsche down into Turn 5, getting a run down the kemmel straight.

15:18 - #51 Ferrari overtakes the #99 Porsche for the lead of Hypercar, the #99 Porsche having to lift slightly on the exit of radillon, giving an excellent opportunity to the #51 Ferrari behind.

15:14 - #2 Cadillac closes right onto the rear of the #6 Porsche for 4th place, the #2 Cadillac has recovered back towards the podium places after some initial difficulties.

15:09 - GREEN FLAG

15:07 - HALF DISTANCE Top 5


1st #99 Porsche, Neel Jani

2nd #51 Ferrari, James Calado

3rd #50 Ferrari, Miguel Molina

4th #6 Porsche, Andre Lotterer

5th #83 Ferrari, Yifei YE


1st #85 Lamborghini, Rahel Frey

2nd #59 McLaren, Nicholas Costa

3rd #27 Aston Martin, Daniel Marcinelli

4th #91 Porsche, Morris Schuring

5th #77 Ford, Zacharie Robichon


14:58 - #5 Porsche straddles the kerb at blanchimont, going flat-out across the kerb and being thrown into the left wall on the approach to the bus stop chicane.


14:55 - #81 Corvette LMGT3 is pushed back into the pit box, TF Sport are likely to retire the car. As we approach half distance, there have been a few retirements for LMGT3 as the Iron Dames continue to lead the way.

14:48 - #2 Cadillac blasts past the #12 Porsche for 7th place, the Cadillac #2 team looking to recover after their early difficulties in the race.

14:46 - The field still close in Hypercar, it's a battle between the Ferrari's and Porsche's, who take up the Top 7 and are all separated by just over 10 seconds.

14:43 - #63 Lamborghini Hypercar has a right rear suspension issue, dropping the team further from a points finish

14:20 - GREEN FLAG

13:59 - Barrier damage is being inspected by some track marshals, the Safety Car period due to be extended further as we reach a third of the race distance gone.

13:49 - #99 Porsche has finally been able to close the door, however Neel Jani lifted both hands off of his steering wheel, penalties are expected for the Porsche team, despite the Safety Car assisting them in not losing any track positions.

13:47 - #99 Porsche driven by Neel Jani, loosened his seatbelt to try and close the door, a potential series of penalties are coming for the #99 Porsche, as they are given the black and orange flag as well.

13:43 - SAFETY CAR

13:40 - The #99 Leading Porsche Hypercar's door will not shut, the team may be given a black and orange flag and need to come back into the pits and fix this problem.

13:37 - A second pit stop phase for the field as we approach the end of the second hour.


13:32 - #20 BMW Hypercar hit the right rear of the #38 Porsche, who crashed into the #46 BMW LMGT3 which was taking the natural line, heavy damage for the #46 BMW on the front end.

13:30 - #46 BMW crashes with the #38 Porsche to bring out the Full Course Yellow, a huge crash as both cars end up in the barriers. #46 BMW driven by Ahmad Al-Harthy will likely now DNF.


13:29 - #55 Ferrari LMGT3 given a drive-through penalty, this will put the #55 Ferrari team further behind in the LMGT3 class.

13:26 - #27 Aston Martin manages to get past the #46 BMW in the LMGT3 class at the bus stop chicane, going around the outside at the right-hander and holding the line for the inside at the final left-hand corner.

13:22 - #99 Porsche leads Hypercar, with the #51 Ferrari around 12 seconds from the lead, with Antonio Giovinazzi behind the wheel.

13:20 - Yellow Flag for debris on the circuit, as more drivers begin to make contact. The undulating corners and flow of the circuit proving to be a touch unpredictable for some drivers, especially trying to navigate the LMGT3 traffic.

13:11 - Niklas Nielson in the #50 Ferrari reporting that "something is loose between my legs" as the #50 Ferrari continues the climb through the field.

13:01 - Pit stops for the entire field in both LMGT3 and Hypercar, Bovy holds a strong lead over LMGT3 whilst the #99 Porsche holds the provisional lead of the Hypercar class.

12:59 - Sarah Bovy aboard the #85 Lamborghini Iron Dames now extends her lead over the LMGT3 field by nearly half a minute. With the first scheduled pit stops unfolding at the one-hour gone mark.

12:57 - #46 BMW LMGT3 has been overtaken by the #91 Porsche LMGT3 for third place, the #46 BMW team falling further behind.

12:51 - #51 Ferrari flies around the outside of the #6 Porsche Penske for third at Turn 5 after the kemmel straight.

12:50 - #6 Porsche Penske runs wide at the bus stop chicane, cutting the chicane and picking up marbles on the tyres.

12:49 - GREEN FLAG

12:45 - More debris on circuit after some contact between the #82 Corvette LMGT3 and the #60 Lamborghini run by the Iron Lynx team.


12:29 - The Iron Dames #85 now lead the LMGT3 field by over 10 seconds, the all-female line-up are chasing their second win in the World Endurance Championship, after their first win in Bahrain at the end of 2023.

12:28 - The Hypercar cars now finally catching up to the back of the LMGT3 class, lapped traffic so soon after the Full Course Yellow is making it difficult for the Hypercars to comfortably pass.

12:26 - GREEN FLAG

12:22 - Full Course Yellow for debris on the circuit, The #2 Cadillac has been overtaken and gone from 2nd place down to 7th in the opening 25 minutes. Porsche currently hold all the podium positions, with Ferrari not too far behind.


12:11 - Iron Dames #85 have pulled out a sizable lead over the rest of the LMGT3 field, with Valentino Rossi's #46 BMW currently third.

12:01 - A mostly clean start for everyone, the Porsche Penske #5 leads the Hypercar class from the #2 Cadillac and #99 Porsche

12:00 - RACE START


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