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Logan Sargeant leaves single seaters for sports cars

American driver Logan Sargeant won’t be driving single seaters for the 2021 season and is set to switch to sports-prototype or GT racing after running out of funds.

Written By Issa Chaker, Edited By Ian Bruce

This sudden switch happened after he ran out of budget to keep racing in the Formula series. The 20 year old finished 3rd in the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship, 4 points behind the champion Oscar Piastri, and was set to join Formula 2 after taking part in the post-season test in Bahrain with Campos Racing. Sargeant was under Infinity Sports Management’s wing throughout his single seater career which started in 2016-17 in the Formula 4 UAE Championship, which he finished P2 in the championship standings with 9 wins and 45 podiums up until 2020. He has to put his F1 aspirations aside for the time being, however. Infinity’s Harry Solden said: “It’s purely budget. Everyone assumes that Logan is well-funded and that we’ve just been sitting here waiting to announce an F2 deal. But all the seats at the top teams are gone, and his father’s financial situation has changed due to COVID, so he just doesn’t have that budget to put in anymore.”

There is no news regarding where he’ll end up next year, but we hope that he does well and that he will be able to go back to competing for that F1 seat.


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