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Magnussens to do Le Mans together

Written by: Oskar Yigen Edited by: Daniel Yi

According to Danish outlet TV2, the two former F1 drivers, father and son Jan and Kevin Magnussen, will be doing Le Mans together this summer in an all Danish lineup which also includes Anders Fjordbach, driving for the team High Class Racing. The dream of partaking in the legendary 24-hour race together has been talked about for a long time, between both the Magnussens and by Danish fans in general. With Kevin’s departure from the Haas F1 team after a miserable couple of years, the opportunity finally arrived and they didn’t take long to capitalise on it, as they – according to TV2’s information – will be announcing their participation with a press conference on Friday. Their team – with a Danish team principal and team owner – will be racing in the LMP2 class, the second-fastest category of Le Mans. The race will take place on the 21 and 22 of August.

Both Jan and Kevin are widely considered – by most F1 fans – as wasted talents who never got to show the full extent of their capabilities, so it will be very interesting to see how well they do in the same team. Jan has won Le Mans four times before, so he won’t be lacking any experience – Kevin on the other hand has until 2021 been doing either karts or single-seaters for his entire life, so a steep learning curve is to be expected. However, as a Dane – and big fan – myself, I expect the trio of Magnussen, Magnussen and Fjordbach to do great, and hopefully have the success neither Jan nor Kevin had in F1.


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