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Max Verstappen to Set up a GT3 Team by 2025

Written by Lev Davydov, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

Verstappen makes his GT3 team ambitions clear, Image credits - Jose Breton/Getty Images

Current two-time World Champion, and if everything goes right, soon to be three-time World Champion Max Verstappen is set to start a team in the GT3 Class of endurance by 2025. The Dutchman made it clear that he wants to retire earlier than 2028, and is already thinking about his racing future post-retirement from Formula One. Verstappen already has Racing, which is his sim racing team, which is already supporting Redline sim racing team, and Thierry Vermeulen in DTM. When asked by about the racing project, Max replied: “It's about being able to create a stepping stone from sim racing to GT3. So that you can not only end up in motorsport through karting, because that costs a lot of money at the moment.”

But owning a GT3 team isn’t as cheap as it may seem. According to a report from, it would take around $1.4 million, with $550,000 being spent on a GT3 car, and the rest going into other departments such as spare parts, car consumables as oil and fuel, garage and its essentials, and logistics. Verstappen plans to have two cars in his team, and when asked about ambitions of the team, he replied: “Well, of course you never know how things will turn out, but ambitions are always there. Of course it depends on how many good people we will have in the team and how much know-how there is, but it would be nice if we could grow to the highest level in endurance racing.” Verstappen's current project, set to take place in 2025, adds up perfectly to the timing of Formula One journalist Mark Hughes’ release of a biography on Max Verstappen. Hughes also claimed that the Dutchman is set to leave Formula 1 much earlier than 2028, when his Red Bull contract is set to expire.


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