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Mercedes Unveils the W12

Mercedes is the latest team to release their season contender for 2021. The constructors’ champion will be looking to retain their long held lead over the pack after winning the last seven championships in the last seven years.

Written By Tom Macpherson and Hafiz Akbar, Edited By Esmée Koppius

This will be the last season that Valtteri Bottas will stand side-to-side with 7-times world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Both Bottas and Hamilton’s contract will be over by the end of this season. Rumours have swirled that George Russell will be replacing the finnish driver but with a contract yet to be confirmed, we will have to wait until the end of the season to find out. As for the legendary Briton, when his contract runs out, it will remain to be seen whether his one-year extension will be triggered or will he be replaced by someone else within the current grid or outside of it.

For the car itself, because of the minimum amount of regulation change, as stated in the previous article regarding the W12, it will be using parts that are inherited from its predecessor, the W11, with exceptions in the floor department, which was changed to reduce downforce. This has reportedly caused quite the commotion within the team’s headquarters in Brackley.

In the engine department, the German manufacturer will continue using their signature race-winning M-series engine, specifically the F1 M12 EQ Power+, produced by AMG in Brixworth. The livery, which has been teased in the Mercedes-AMG socials, still sports the black which was adopted to support the Black Lives Matter movement. There is also a little more red than its predecessor with the hints of red appearing at the t-cam, as well as the driver’s number.

However, the biggest change to the new Mercedes car is the AMG Stickers appearing towards the back of the car. A gradient including black, grey and white is used as the background for the AMG logos which overlay the colours. The AMG logo is also in a few different locations which are not as noticeable, with one above the turquoise stripe. A slight bit more of the Mercedes blue is also present with lines becoming thicker. A sponsor has been lost on the rear wing with ‘Epson’ being the lone sponsor on the rear wing holders.

Introducing the W12 🖤🥰 Get your first look at our 2021 F1 car! #WeLivePerformance — Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team (@MercedesAMGF1) March 2, 2021

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