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Miami GP to go ahead as planned after court challenge

Written by Danny Jones, Edited by Sasha Macmillen

Credit: Miami GP

The Miami Grand Prix will take place as initially scheduled, despite an attempt by residents to cancel the race, on the grounds of the event’s noise issues. The race, which will take place around the iconic Hard Rock Stadium, was confirmed after the judge stated ‘any potential harm is avoidable’ and ‘highly speculative’.

This comes after local protestors tried to put a stop to the race, due to hearing damage, and came forward with new evidence, however their case has been rejected. However, there will be sound monitoring around the race, as part of the contract between promoters.

The race is set to take place on the weekend of the 6th-8th May, and will become the second race in the United States, later to be joined by a third event in Las Vegas next year. The Floridian city was on the cards to host a race for several years, and the event was confirmed more than a year ago. The residents' group brought a protest concerning the race forward on March 1st, on the basis of ‘severe disruption and physical harm’ to the residents of Miami Gardens.

It is estimated noise levels could reach 97 decibels, and would be heard from 2.5 miles away. There have been attempts to limit the noise, by putting PVC sheeting against fencing to baffle sound levels, but it was stated that levels wouldn’t be high enough for sufficient hearing damage, and the noise could easily be combated by residents.

The circuit is said to now be ‘95% complete’, and Sergio Perez recently did a demo run in a 2013 Red Bull. Formula 1 will be accompanied by the W Series season opener, and will become the 11th circuit in the United States to host a Grand Prix, and the 2nd in Florida, after the Sebring Circuit, which hosts the World Endurance Championship to this day.


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